Bets and Black Books

Vices Series Book 2

by Nikki Brock

Nikki Brock Writes, LLC

November 19, 2018

Available in: e-Book

Bets and Black Books
by Nikki Brock

Don’t ever owe the mob.

Years ago, someone killed teenager Billie Reed’s aunt. Slick attorney Leo Diamond got the accused off, but the real killer was never found. Billie didn’t get justice, and it’s haunted Leo ever since.

Now Billie’s back in Sharpsville, all grown up and gorgeous. And on the run. She stole evidence linking a mob boss to a heinous crime and is taking it to the FBI—unless the mob finds her first. Or unless Billie’s secret sabotages her plan.

Leo can finally make it up to Billie for what happened years ago. He will get her to the Feds in one piece.

There’s only one problem. Leo owes the mobster a favor, and the guy has called it in. Bring Billie back. Or else.

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Nikki Brock's Bio

Nikki Brock grew up in Tennessee and lived in the Northeast and Midwest before resettling in the South. She has been a computer programmer, marketing consultant, graduate student, public speaking teacher, and a mom. When not writing she’s usually drinking coffee, going to estate sales, or binge-watching television shows involving British accents. She nurses an unhealthy obsession with containers of all sizes and tries not to kill the plants in her garden. She lives in the Mississippi Delta with her real life hero, two wonderful sons, and two lovely and talented dogs in a diva of an old house which always needs something involving writing checks and which is home to a ghost who smokes.

She loves hearing from readers. Visit her online at or on Facebook or Twitter