Familiar Echoes

Web of Echoes Book 5

by Melody Ash

Indie Published

Paranormal Romance: Time Travel

June 20, 2021

Available in: Audio, e-Book

Familiar Echoes
by Melody Ash

Familiar Echoes is now included in Southern Echoes, Web of Echoes Books 4 & 5

She's a no-holds-barred, kick-butt, don't-cover-the-ugly-parts archaeologist. History wants to teach her a lesson.

Caitlin drops into the 21st Century, flooding her with relief and not a small amount of confusion. The stone ripped her out of France and threw her into the field where best friend Sean waits.

She should be happy to be home but the trauma from events in France haunt her. Worse, subtle changes to the world she left behind unnerves her.

As she struggles to understand the changes she sees in her friend, she must also come terms with all that has happened in her travels through time. Are her adventures over or have they just begun?

Melody Ash's Bio

Melody grew up loving the endless possibilities fantasy and Sci-Fi held between their pages or played on the big screen. At age ten, she picked up a pencil and began coming up with stories of her own that toyed with other worlds and the mysteries of this one. When she’s not delving into the worlds created by words, she’s digging into Ghiradelli chocolates and creating memories with her families.