Undead and Undermined

Queen Betsy, Book 10

by MaryJanice Davidson


Paranormal Romance

April 24, 2012

ISBN-10: 0515150916

ISBN-13: 9780515150919

Available in: Paperback

Undead and Undermined
by MaryJanice Davidson

Vampire Queen Betsy Taylor thought she couldn’t die. So what’s she doing in the morgue? It could have something to do with a time-traveling trip she made, and a foe with a wicked agenda that could finally be the real death of Betsy—if she’s not careful.

MaryJanice Davidson's Bio

I'm published in a variety of styles--young adult, young adult romance, non-fiction "how-to", contemporary romance, paranormal, and romantica (erotic romance). I also write inspirational romance under a pen name, and am currently exploring the mystery genre. I was born and raised in the Midwest, and live there now, after a few years in Boston. I'm very happily married and have been blessed with two darling children.