Dreaming-The Sacred Art: Incubating, Navigating and Interpreting Sacred Dreams for Spiritual and Personal Growth

The Art of Spiritual Living

by Lori Joan Swick

SkyLight Paths

Non-Fiction: Self Help

May 5, 2014

ISBN-10: 1683360389

ISBN-13: 9781683360384

Available in: Hardcover, Paperback, e-Book

Dreaming-The Sacred Art: Incubating, Navigating and Interpreting Sacred Dreams for Spiritual and Personal Growth
by Lori Joan Swick

Awaken to the wonders of your dreamself, and energize your spiritual potential for self-understanding and self-healing.

"Without a doubt, people of all times and places have had the capacity to dream the sacred. I write this book in a sincere effort to create space for us to share these dreams and to provide a practical guide to nurturing sacred dreaming as an art."
--from the Introduction

Sacred dreams--those in which the dreamer experiences the immediate presence of or communication with the Divine--have shaped the spiritual history of humankind. Jacob's ladder dream, Joseph's dream verifying Mary's virgin pregnancy and Herod's plans to destroy the child, Siddhartha Gautama Buddha's auspicious dreams on his journey to enlightenment, Muhammad's night journey dream--the pervasive power of the sacred dream is part of the scripture and lore of virtually all the world's religions.

This fascinating introduction to sacred dreaming celebrates the dream experience as a way to deepen spiritual awareness and as a source of self-healing for people of all faith traditions--or none. Includes practical, step-by-step exercises in every chapter.

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Lori Joan Swick's Bio

Lori Swick is an author of historical novels about women whose contributions to religion and culture have been grossly disregarded. She also writes nonfiction books about sacred arts. Her published works include the historical fiction novel, Comfort and Mirth (TCU Press, 2009), and the nonfiction book, Dreaming ~ The Sacred Art (SkyLight Paths Publishing, 2014). She is also an award winning essayist and poet. Lori earned her Ph.D. in Religion and Philosophy with a concentration in Women's Spirituality from California Institute of Integral Studies. Her specializations are Women's Sacred Arts and Women in World Religions. She was awarded a Master's Degree with Distinction in Theology with an emphases on Feminist Theology and World Religions from the University of Notre Dame and graduated with valedictory honors from St. Edward's University, majoring in English Writing and Religious Studies. Lori currently lives in Miami, Florida. When she is not writing, she presents webinars in sacred arts topics, and works as an adjunct online university professor in religion and philosophy.