Miss Fix-It

by L.C. Monroe, Nicolette Derens

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Romance: Inspirational

March 11, 2008

ISBN-13: 1599986116

Available in: e-Book

Miss Fix-It
by L.C. Monroe, Nicolette Derens

Virginia Pembrook can never leave well enough alone. Her mission in life is to make everything right in the lives of the people she loves. She sees it as helping the Lord out with His perfect plan.

Ginney and her mother travel West to visit her cousin in Oregon. Ginney can't wait to arrive---she knows who awaits her there. Caleb Jasper, the childhood friend for whom she is sure she is the perfect life-long helpmate.

She arrives to find Caleb a changed man, steeped in self-inflicted misery and ignoring the call of God in his life.

Having abandoned his dream to become a traveling preacher, to instead take over running the family ranch, Caleb has given up on the foolish and idealistic notion that God will take care of everything. Faith, he reasons, is no guarantee of happiness. And, much as he has missed her, Caleb is certain that ranch life is no life for the city-bred Ginney Pembrook.

Ginney, the original "Miss Fixit", has her work cut out for her.

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L.C. Monroe's Bio

LC Monroe is the pseudonym for Lucy Monroe, nationally bestselling author of sexy romance. Strong in her own personal faith, she felt compelled to write two inspirational romances, but thought they were doomed to remain unpublished due to limitations on her other books that other Inspirational publishers would have insisted on. She was thrilled to discover that Samhain was open to publishing her books without imposing such limitations. She's absolutely delighted to be working with this amazing publisher and hopes that her LC Monroe books bless the readers as much as they blessed her writing them.

While Lucy Monroe readers won't find her signature sensuality, they will find the strong emotion and light humor that characterizes her other work, along with the added dimension of exploring her character's personal faith journey as their romance develops.