A Knight for Kallen

by Lauren Linwood

Soul Mate Publishing

November 4, 2015

Available in: e-Book

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A Knight for Kallen
by Lauren Linwood

Kallen de Mangeron grew up in a convent, her noble family
never knowing of her birth. When a new Mother Superior
informs them of her existence, they send trusted knight
Griffith Sommersby to escort her home.

Griffith’s heart broke when he lost his wife and
infant son during childbirth, and he’s kept his
feelings locked away from the world—until he meets
Kallen. He soon learns her dark secret—that she sees
auras around people—which allows her insight into
their actions and personalities.

Now Quentin, bastard brother to the king, decides to harness
Kallen’s gift in a plot to win the throne. Will
Quentin successfully use a kidnapped Kallen as his political
pawn, or will Griffith be able to stop him before Kallen
changes the course of England’s history?

Lauren Linwood's Bio

Lauren Linwood’s historical romances use history as a backdrop to place her characters in extraordinary circumstances, where their intense desire for one another grows into the treasured gift of love. Her romantic suspense novels feature strong heroes and heroines who unite to defeat a clever antagonist and discover a deep, abiding love during their journey.

A native Texan, Lauren is an avid reader, moviegoer, and sports fan who manages stress by alternating yoga with long walks. She plans to start a support group for Fixer Upper addicts—as soon as she finishes her next piece of dark chocolate.

Lauren also writes the medieval romance series The Knights of Honor as Alexa Aston for Dragonblade Publishing.