Jaded Moon

Ransomed Jewels Series Book 2

by Laura Landon

Prairie Muse Publishing

Historical Romance, Historical Romance: Victorian, Mystery: Romantic Suspense, Mystery: Historical

December 19, 2016

ISBN-10: 1937216705

ISBN-13: 9781937216702

Available in: e-Book, Trade Size (reprint)

Jaded Moon
by Laura Landon

Ross Bennett, Marquess of Rainforth, hadn’t come to St. Stephen’s Hollow because he wanted friends. He’d turned his back on Society—just as they’d turned their backs on him. But anonymity was short-lived. The mistress with whom he’d parted amicably five years earlier had borne him a child, a child he hadn’t known existed.

Josephine Foley must protect the orphaned children at all costs. But when a known rake comes looking for his child, she has to stall, even though holding him at bay is the hardest thing she’s ever done. Still, she must! Because the closer she comes to losing her heart to Ross, the closer she comes to being hanged.

Originally published August 2016 in eBook by Kindle Press.

Laura Landon's Bio

If you ever meet a senior citizen who says she’s living her dream, that’s me. I spent years of my life teaching music, running a Dairy Queen, and stocking a MiniMart. And then I discovered writing. That’s when I knew who I was truly meant to be. Now my books are sold all over the world, in four languages, and even in Japanese manga! Oh yes. Thanks to my dear readers I’m living my dream! “Always beautifully set and with a mysterious twist or bit of suspense, Laura’s books average over a million pages a month read by her loyal readers.”