Askew Ever After

A Limited Edition Contemporary Romance Collection

by Kimberley B. Jones

Rhetoric Askew, LLC (RhetAskew Publishing)

Contemporary Romance: Anthology

December 21, 2020

Available in: e-Book

Askew Ever After
by Kimberley B. Jones

One kiss changes everything…

This limited edition collection has a happy ever after for everyone. Which one will set your e-reader on fire? Whether you’re looking for forbidden love, fated romances, billionaire bosses, small town cowboys, alpha males, bad boys who can’t help but bring the drama, rockstars who know exactly what they want and won’t stop until they get it, tattoo artists with an enchanting softer side, LGBTQ+, secret loves, fated mates, second chance romances or something else entirely, Askew Ever After has a happy ever after for you.

If you love to see characters fall—and stay—in love this is the collection for you. Pre-order now before this limited edition contemporary romance collection rides off into the sunset.

Authors included in this collection are:

Mandy Melanson
Elle Ryan
Adam Johnson
Dusty Grein
S. M. Nicholas
S. L. Davis
Rebecca Lovell
AJ Mullican
Shennon Doah
Dawn Luedecke
Jane Suen
Angelique Jordonna
Jotham Austin, II
Amy C Beckinsale
Marissa Nofer
Desire Luna
Heather Wynter
Love Hadley
Aubrey Wynne
Eva Blackwing
Amabel Daniels
Krista Ames
Ben Rose
Daniel Craig Roche
Angela Scavone
Kimberley B. Jones
Jim Tritten
Sandi Hoover
Susan Dalessandro

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Kimberley B. Jones' Bio

Kimberley B. Jones is a small country girl from St. George, SC. She followed her heart in college writing children books. Recently she decided to challenge herself and branch off to novels. She is your typical nomad who moves from place to place. Not by choice, but her husband serves in the military. She has a bachelors and masters in early childhood education. Kimberley is represented by Rhetaskew Publishing company and is best known for her debut novel, Our Friendship Matters. When she is not writing, she is either thinking of another topic or reading. She loves writing, it gives her a chance to escape into another human character and express herself, other than being your typical mother and wife. If you don't want to be on her bad side, then she needs her white chocolate mocha every morning. Some days Folgers breakfast blend coffee is okay.