Dark Roads

by Justine Davis

SxNW Publishing

Literature and Fiction

July 12, 2023

Available in: e-Book, Trade Size

Dark Roads
by Justine Davis

Seth Cantrell understood Cain and Abel. He'd been tempted many times to resort to bloodshed when his brother turned up buzzed for a show. And he lived in fear that the truth---all of it---would come tumbling out.

Rowan Cantrell glided through life on his indescribable charm. He was a walking, breathing, rock and roll cliché, but when he opened his mouth the voice of an angel emerged, rich, powerful, full of emotion.

And only Seth could keep him functioning. It was exhausting. Seth sometimes wondered how long he could go on. If he even wanted to go on. But he had made a deathbed promise to their mother.

So for now, as best he could be, he was his brother's keeper.

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Justine Davis' Bio

Justine Dare Davis sold her first book in 1989, and followed that up with the sale of nineteen novels in less than two years. Her first four books were published in 1991, and she saw all reach the finals for either the Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award or the Romance Writers of America prestigious RITA Award. She has since won the RITA award four times, along with several Reviewer's Choice awards and three Career Achievement awards from Romantic Times. At the 1998 national conference, Justine was inducted into the RWA Hall of Fame, making her one of a very select group of just eight writers. She also had four titles on the Romantic Times "Top 200 of All Time" list. Her sales now total more than 45, and her books have appeared regularly on best seller lists, including the USA Today list. She has been featured in several local newspapers and nationwide by Associated Press, has appeared on CNN, and on two episodes of a cable television series on romance. She has given workshops for many chapters of RWA, has spoken at several regional and international conferences and has taught at the UCLA Writer's Program. She is also featured in North American Romance Writers, an academic reference on the romance genre. Her limited free time is spent on reading, music, photography, watching the eagles near her home, and driving her restored 1967 Corvette Roadster---top down, of course.