A Homecoming To Cherish

Cherish Series Book 5

by Josie Riviera

Self Published

Contemporary Romance: Christian Romance

April 14, 2021

ISBN-10: B08ZV233X9

ISBN-13: 9798724951180

Available in: Hardcover, Paperback, Audio, e-Book

A Homecoming To Cherish
by Josie Riviera

Fall in love with sweet, small-town inspirational romance filled with delightful characters and brimming with faith in God.

All relationships require a commitment, but is she ready to sacrifice her heart again?

Hard-working accountant Nora Lancaster returns to her modest hometown to help manage an inn that her parents once owned. In order to escape small-town living, she'd married young and moved away. Now, as a single mother of a rebellious teenage daughter, she doesn't intend to stay long---only a few weeks at most---or until the current owner of the inn recovers from his heart attack.
World-weary Julian Wilson is a businessman who arrives in town for one reason---to open another restaurant. He's lived life as a bachelor and is at the peak of a rewarding career. Interested in the possibilities of another profitable venture, he views the town as a place to manage an extensive restaurant chain and finally settle down.
Nora never expected to meet a man like Julian---all business, as well as a formidable opponent---or to be instantly attracted to his kind nature and faith in God.
But can Julian convince Nora he's not the rival she fears?

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Josie Riviera's Bio

Josie Riviera is a USA TODAY Bestselling Author of contemporary, inspirational, and historical sweet romances that read like Hallmark movies. She lives in the Charlotte, NC, area with her wonderfully supportive husband. They share their home with an adorable Shih Tzu who constantly needs grooming and live in an old house forever needing renovations. Have you ever tried something you were afraid to try because it mattered so much to you? I did, when I started writing. Take the chance, everyone, and just do something you love. Josie also won first place in the prestigious Golden Pen Award for outstanding romance writing.