Dare Me

by Jill Shalvis, Julie Elizabeth Leto, Cherry Adair


Contemporary Romance, Anthology

March 1, 2005

ISBN-13: 0451214374

Available in: Paperback

Dare Me
by Jill Shalvis, Julie Elizabeth Leto, Cherry Adair

In Cherry Adair's Playing for Keeps, a woman's daring and bravery has earned her a death warrant from vengeful adversaries. Her ex-husband is the only man who can save her. If she lets him get close enough. But can he win back her trust in time to save her life?

In Jill Shalvis's Nothing to Lose, a beautiful antiques dealer is persuaded to find her missing ex-husband. An offer of a cool million is irresistible...and so is the stranger who puts it on the table. But what forbidden secret—and illicit passion—is she about to discover?

In Julie Elizabeth Leto's Dare to Desire, a secret agent's life-and-death mission hinges on the delicious blackmail scheme of her hot-blooded former lover. He'll give her any information she needs, if she'll surrender to him the one thing he still desires...

Jill Shalvis' Bio

Jill Shalvis is the best-selling, award-winning author of over three dozen novels. She’s been on the Waldenbooks Bestsellers list, the Barnes and Noble Top 100, the Amazon bestsellers list, and also Ingram’s. She’s a Rita Award nominee, a two-time National Reader’s Choice Award winner, and has been nominated for Romantic Timess’ Career Achievement Award in Romantic Comedy, Best Duets and Best Temptation.

She lives near Lake Tahoe with her family, too many curious bears and grumpy raccoons, who regularly throw pine cones at her when she?s working on her deck.

Jill posts about her crazy adventures on her website.