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The Young and the Ruined: Compromised

by Janna MacGregor

Indie Published

Historical Romance: Anthology

April 6, 2021

Available in: e-Book

The Young and the Ruined: Compromised
by Janna MacGregor

These members of the peerage are young, beautiful and full of trouble… the sort that might just get a lord or lady ruined. Don’t miss out on this set of six stories of romance, passion and a fair bit of societal difficulties…

Ruined by Design by Janna MacGregor

Nash Talbot’s frustration at losing the Royal Society’s annual competition for the best new architect is second only to his determination to discover the identity of the elusive newcomer who bested him for the coveted position. Entering as a man, Juliana Northwick never dreamed she’d be named the winner of the competition and must keep her identity a secret while fulfilling her duties. When Juliana’s brother throws a house party, Nash is invited and discovers Juliana’s true identity when they’re locked in a secret room at the house party. Ruined the next morning, married by the next evening, these two rivals must decide if they have the necessary talent to build their most important project together—a happy marriage.

Also includes:
A Rescued Heart by Meara Platt
How to Avoid a Scandal (Or Not) by Merry Farmer
A Captivating Compromise by Tabetha Waite
Trapped with the Duke by Annabelle Anders
The Wicked White by Tammy Andresen

Janna MacGregor's Bio

Following the doctor’s cheerful announcement of triplets, the first thing Janna MacGregor did was pick her darling husband off the floor. The second thing she did was make a decision about what to do with all her newfound free time. Take her word for it, mandatory bed rest can skew one’s perceptions. During her sojourn in bed, Janna remembered her attorney-husband’s sage advice that successful attorneys always have the last word in an argument. Taking these wise words to heart, she became an attorney and soon was managing partner of his law firm. She is certain he and their triplets rue the day he ever made that comment.

After living in a variety of Midwestern cities, she settled in Kansas City Missouri, the crown jewel of the Midwest and home of her favorite team, the Kansas City Royals. Through all her wanderings, she has always found time to read passionate, sweeping romances. It didn’t take long for her to decide to add Author on her resume. Practicing law by day, she writes sexy historicals set in the Regency period whenever she is not in court arguing those last words.

Join her and escape in stories about compelling and powerful heroines meeting and falling in love with their equally matched heroes. Remember—every romance should be messy, carnal and forever.