In the Company of Snipers Boxed Set Book 1 - 3

In the Company of Snipers

by Irish Winters

Windy Days Press

Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance: Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance: Box Set

December 18, 2015

Available in: e-Book

In the Company of Snipers Boxed Set Book 1 - 3
by Irish Winters

Each book in this series is a complete story unto itself. There are no cliffhangers. I wouldn’t do that to you. You can read them out of sequence. Enjoy!

ALEX (originally published December 2013 in eBook and paperback)
He’s trying to forget…
Alex Stewart, ex-Marine and tough as nails boss of The TEAM, ditches the success of his fledgling business and flees to his cabin in the deep woods. He’s had enough. Four years after the deaths of his wife and daughter, he’s stuck in the anger stage of grief. Life used to be worth living. Not any more.

She’s trying to remember…
Left to die in those same deep woods, Kelsey is the last thing Alex expects to find at his cabin. She’s everything he’s running from. Responsibility. Memories. To make matters worse, she only remembers her first name. Neither can she explain the marks on her body, nor why two darling baby boys haunt her dreams. But Alex can….

MARK (originally published January 2014 in eBook and paperback)
Mark Houston has done the unthinkable…
The United States Marine has fallen in love with his best friend’s fiancée, Libby Clifton. When Jon is killed in action, Mark accompanies his friend’s body home. He’d give everything to love Libby the way she should’ve been loved, but she’s made her feelings clear. He’s the only friend she has—the last thing he wants to hear. Or be.

She’s trying to move on…
After the very public funeral of her war hero fiancée, Libby Clifton trades country life for big city Chicago. Little does she realize that kilos of opium lay six-feet under with the man she just buried. The cold-blooded cartel boss wants his drugs back. Mark is determined to protect her. Three paths are on a collision course of murder, deceit, and betrayal. Opium isn’t the only thing that’s buried…

ZACK (originally published April 2014 in eBook and paperback)
He just wants to play…
Life is perfect for ex-Marine scout sniper Zack Lennox. He’s got it made: fast car, fast women, and the best job on the planet--until he comes face to face with a tiny girl caught up in a Chinese child-smuggling ring. The moment he decides to rescue her, his perfect, playboy’s lifestyle is at risk. He’s entered a world where babies and children are bartered for cold, hard cash. He just doesn’t know it yet.

She’s desperate…
Life is anything but perfect for Mei Xing, a single mother searching for her kidnapped daughter. When law enforcement proves worthless, she takes matters into her own hands and runs headlong into the handsome Agent Lennox. He’s everything she despises. Cocky. Self-assured. Male. She’s determined to run over anyone foolish enough to get in her way. He’s just a man. How difficult could it be? Mei is about to find out.

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Irish Winters' Bio

I always wanted to be a writer. I've dabbled in poetry, short stories, and more daydreaming than most. I remember long Sunday afternoon drives with my parents where they would tell us eight kids to: 'Look out the window and see something!' I've been looking out the window ever since.... In the great pines of the Pacific Northwest, I saw a woman with nowhere to run find refuge in the arms of a tender warrior who'd forgotten the man he once was... In the hills of Wyoming, I saw a man broken by the high cost of war, rediscover himself in the eyes of a pretty girl... And in the Dairy State, (yes Wisconsin), I saw two people overcome horrific obstacles on their way to happily-ever-after. Life is short. Pick up a good book. Read. Write. Enjoy. Look out the window and See something!