Sweet Love'n Cowboy

Billionaire Cowboys of Lone Star, Texas Book 1

by Hope Moore

DCP Publishing

Contemporary Romance: Christian Romance, Westerns

March 11, 2022

Available in: Trade Size

Sweet Love'n Cowboy
by Hope Moore

A billionaire cowboy with a huge crush on an intriguing store owner in need of his help…can West help Genna find more than she’s asked for, with true love and a future with him?

Genna Barry grew up traveling the world with her parents but dreamed of settling down in a small town and making a life of her own. Now, as an adult dropped by the man, she thought she loved she’s found Lone Star, Texas and opened a real store to go with her booming online store. She’s loving her life, a life that involves no dating since she’s not willing to sacrifice the happiness she’s found by being rejected ever again.

West Buckley admires the beautiful store owner and is highly infatuated with her, but word is she’s not interested in dating anyone. So, he’s trying to hide how he feels and just be her friend—a hard task when his interest is so strong even his brothers see it.

When one of Genna’s online clients wants to come to town and bring her single daughter to shop and hopefully meet some cowboys, West is pulled in to help. And hiding his feelings for Genna gets tougher.

But though he keeps the books for his family’s huge ranch and likes raising cattle he lives at his grandparent’s old homestead and raises lots of goats, keeping his grandmother’s favorite hobby alive—little does he know it’s also a dream of Genna’s…can it be a lead into the two of them finding love together?

Welcome to Lone Star, Texas: in this fun, inspirational, heartwarming romance series, you’ll watch as each of the Buckleys find love in the small town, surrounded by wonderful…meddling people eager to see all of them happy.

These are entertaining, emotion-filled love stories that will leave you smiling.

Billionaire Cowboys of Lone Star Texas series
Coming in 2022!

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True Love’n Cowboy (Billionaire Cowboys of Lone Star Texas Book 5)
Love Seek’n Cowboy (Billionaire Cowboys of Lone Star Texas Book 6)
Happy Dance’n Cowboy (Billionaire Cowboys of Lone Star Texas Book 7)

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Hope Moore's Bio

Hope Moore is the pen name of an award-winning author who lives in Texas surrounded by cowboys. She loves writing clean & wholesome, swoon-worthy, sweet inspirational and Christian romances. Her heartwarming stories are full of gorgeous heroes to love and the spunky women they fall in love with and live happily-ever-after with. When she isn't writing, she's trying very hard not to cook, since she could live on peanut butter sandwiches, coffee, and cheesecake. She's on social media very little since she's writing, but she LOVES her readers so sign up for her newsletter and as soon as she has the prequel of her McCoy Billionaire Brothers Western Romance series finished you'll get it for FREE as soon as it's ready! You'll also receive snippets of her adventures, along with special deals and new release books.