Happy Dance'n Cowboy

Billionaire Cowboys of Lone Star, Texas Book 4

by Hope Moore

DCP Publishing

Contemporary Romance, Westerns

October 31, 2022

Available in: e-Book, Trade Size

Happy Dance'n Cowboy
by Hope Moore

He's a happy-go-lucky cowboy who enjoys dancing, appreciates life and loves being single... she's a woman with a hard past and now working even harder to make the right moves... and life is looking up---but it's a no go for romance... trust is something she no longer has.

Caleb Buckley enjoys watching his brothers and cousins fall in love and he's really enjoying the town's newfound love of holding a dance once a month for all those who want to come into town to have a good time. He has no plans to settle down, but lately his attention is snagged by the quiet beauty who is working at the ladies' clothing store. The one who doesn't dance with anyone. The one whose stance and beautiful eyes clearly say "keep away".

Jasmine Scott has a past she's determined to leave behind. And after her mother introduces her to the small town of Lone Star, Texas, she's moved to town and is working at the lovely dress store and things are looking good. Only problem is the Buckley brother she's quietly watched with reluctant sneak peeks. Caleb took her "stand back" warning early on and has done just that while he dances with every female at the town dances. The man obviously enjoys life... but she's not going there.

And yet sometimes life takes a turn and there is no control---and she's about to find that out---but she's going to fight it with all she's got.

Welcome back to the Buckley brothers and cousin's life in Lone Star... the town full of wonderful, meddling people who suddenly have a new couple to focus on matching up.
Can love overcome despite the reluctance of two people who aren't on the lookout for it?

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Hope Moore's Bio

Hope Moore is the pen name of an award-winning author who lives in Texas surrounded by cowboys. She loves writing clean & wholesome, swoon-worthy, sweet inspirational and Christian romances. Her heartwarming stories are full of gorgeous heroes to love and the spunky women they fall in love with and live happily-ever-after with. When she isn't writing, she's trying very hard not to cook, since she could live on peanut butter sandwiches, coffee, and cheesecake. She's on social media very little since she's writing, but she LOVES her readers so sign up for her newsletter and as soon as she has the prequel of her McCoy Billionaire Brothers Western Romance series finished you'll get it for FREE as soon as it's ready! You'll also receive snippets of her adventures, along with special deals and new release books.