Billionaire Cowboy's Dream Come True

Billionaire Cowboys of True Love, Texas Book 5

by Hope Moore

DCP Publishing

Contemporary Romance: Christian Romance, Contemporary Romance: Clean & Wholesome

May 18, 2021

Available in: e-Book, Trade Size

Billionaire Cowboy's Dream Come True
by Hope Moore

At long last Doctor Austin Tanner catches the garter at his brother’s wedding while at the same time his gaze locks with a beautiful server watching him—the next moment she’s down. All of his brothers believe after catching the garter he’ll meet his match, just like all but one of them did. But not Austin—she’s hurt and that’s all he’s thinking about as he rushes forward.

He’s never totally believed as his brothers have that catching a garter led to them finding the loves of their lives.

Tess Piper has had a disastrous several months that led her to take the job as a server at weddings. She’s lost so much in the last heartbreaking months and is trying to overcome it all by starting a new life in a new town where no one knows her. But the moment her gaze meets the handsome cowboy, who she’d also learned was a doctor, she freezes and then she falls…and when she opens her eyes, she finds the gorgeous doctor gazing down at her…and her life changes. Or it will if she lets it.

Once again, when these billionaire cowboys each catch a wedding garter, the next woman they meet is their one true-love. Sounds simple but as always not so easy…

This is a smile worthy clean & wholesome romance series you’ll love.

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Hope Moore's Bio

Hope Moore is the pen name of an award-winning author who lives in Texas surrounded by cowboys. She loves writing clean & wholesome, swoon-worthy, sweet inspirational and Christian romances. Her heartwarming stories are full of gorgeous heroes to love and the spunky women they fall in love with and live happily-ever-after with. When she isn't writing, she's trying very hard not to cook, since she could live on peanut butter sandwiches, coffee, and cheesecake. She's on social media very little since she's writing, but she LOVES her readers so sign up for her newsletter and as soon as she has the prequel of her McCoy Billionaire Brothers Western Romance series finished you'll get it for FREE as soon as it's ready! You'll also receive snippets of her adventures, along with special deals and new release books.