The Hunter

by Gennita Low

Avon Books

Contemporary Romance: Romantic Suspense, Mystery: Thriller

July 1, 2005

ISBN-13: 0060591234

Available in: Paperback

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The Hunter
by Gennita Low

Navy SEAL commander Hawk McMillan is the man they send on the most dangerous assignments. Now he's onthe trail of a drug and arms-trafficking kingpin hiding somewhere in the mountains of Macedonia. While he prefers working solo, he will never be able to infiltrate his quarry's organization without help. His mission—and his life—depend on Amber Hutchens, an ace CIA tracker who knows the terrain . . . and whose fire and beauty are distractions that could get them both killed.

A dedicated professional, Amber knows she's placing her own life at risk by joining forces with this tough, enigmatic warrior. But many others will die if she doesn't. The biggest challenge will be resisting her attraction to Hawk—a battle that's becoming more difficult by the moment. Because caring too much can lead to mistakes.

And one mistake will be too many ...

Gennita Low's Bio

Jenn, as everyone calls her, likes to keep things simple. That's why she runs a roofing construction business, teaches, writes and does her own business taxes eight days a week. She considers herself a multi-cultural and well-rounded person. Workers leave her alone when she starts yelling at them in Chinese and Malay. She also studies German and Russian because she can't pronounce French very well. The most boring and interesting thing she ever did was translating documents from various languages into English, giving her an opportunity to see many countries. Having traveled extensively in her twenties, she now spends her thirties quietly with six noisy dogs.

Shameless Promotion: Jenn was a RWA contest slut, having finaled in and won a bunch of them including the Marlene, the Merritt, and Indiana's Golden Opportunity. She is also a three-time finalist in the RWA Golden Heart contest before she became published. She would love to hear your comments about her books. She has been known to give away bookmarks and stuff to those who praise her.

AND, if your roof leaks, she can probably give you some advice!