Web of Smoke

by Erin Grady

Avon Books

Contemporary Romance: Romantic Suspense

October 31, 1994

ISBN-10: 0380777207

ISBN-13: 9780380777204

Available in: Paperback

Web of Smoke
by Erin Grady

A Stranger in the House...

He came for her in the night--to that place where she felt most secure. For a brief instant she was his...but somehow she escaped.

Next time it will be different...

Everything changed for Christie McCoy when a madman brutally invaded and shattered her world. Now she will never feel safe until she knows why someone would attack her in her own home...and who would want her dead. Christie must venture into the shadows of her own life--terrified, vulnerable and alone--to unmask the dark intruder who destroyed her dreams--before the maniac comes for her again.

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Erin Grady's Bio

Erin Grady's first novel, WEB OF SMOKE, was a Romance Writers of America Golden Heart finalist before hitting the bookshelves where it won a San Diego Book award and made several bestseller lists. ECHOES, her second romantic suspense, has won a Pacific NorthWest Literary Association Stella Cameron Award. Erin currently lives in Arizona with her husband and two children and is working on her third novel which will be released in Spring 2006.

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