High Heels are Murder

Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper #2

by Elaine Viets


Mystery, Literature and Fiction: Chick Lit

November 7, 2006

ISBN-13: 0451219880

Available in: Paperback

High Heels are Murder
by Elaine Viets

Sleuthing can be dangerous - but high heels can really kill you...

Every job has its pluses and minuses. Josie Marcus gets to shoe-shop—but she also must deal with men like Mel Poulaine, who's too interested in handling women's feet. Soon Josie's been hired by Mel's boss to mystery-shop the store, but one step leads to another and Josie finds herself in St. Louis's seedy underbelly. Caught up in a web of crime, Josie hopes against hope that she won't end up murdered in Manolos.

Elaine Viets' Bio

Elaine Viets actually works the same dead-end jobs as her character, Helen Hawthorne. She has been a dress shop clerk, bookseller and a telemarketer who called you at dinner time. You probably hung up on her. MURDER BETWEEN THE COVERS is the second book in the Dead- End Job series. She and Helen have a real future working jobs that go nowhere. Elaine has just signed a contract for three more books.

She lives in South Florida with her husband, Don Crinklaw. They collect parking tickets.