The Sentinels: Part Two

The Sentinels Book 4-6

by Desiree Holt

Totally Bound Publishing

Sensual: Anthology, Sensual: Erotica, Sensual: Paranormal

February 4, 2020

Available in: e-Book

The Sentinels: Part Two
by Desiree Holt


4 - Animal Instinct (originally published May 2010 in eBook by Total-E-Bound Publishing)

Drew Noland knew that Ann Marie Knight was his mate, but first he had to gather The Sentinels to take down a vicious group of hunters.

5 -- Mated (originally published December 2010 in eBook by Total-E-Bound Publishing)

Cale Martin knew at once Linnea Porter was his mate, but could he convince her in the midst of turmoil?

6 - Silent Hunters (originally published August 2011 in eBook by Total-E-Bound Publishing)

The wolves led her to safety, but can they keep her safe from the killers tracking her?

There were eight of them, all that was left of a once powerful pack of wolf shape shifters, who roamed northern Michigan freely and protected their land. But poachers and trophy hunters have all but erased them and they’ve been forced to relocate. Now they have banded together to provide protection for others who cannot protect themselves. From Maine to Texas, in wolf form and human, they use their special abilities for those who need them as they continue to search for others like themselves.

An arousing treat and a suspenseful mystery rolled into one. ~ Bitten by Books

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A tall man wearing knife-creased pants that covered the longest legs she'd ever seen, with a holstered gun riding one lean hip, came through a door that led to the rest of the office. He held out his hand to Zane. "Alex Rossi