Undeniable Cowboy

Cowboys of Dew Drop, Texas Book 4

by Debra Clopton

DCP Publishing

Contemporary Romance, Westerns

September 19, 2022

Available in: e-Book

Undeniable Cowboy
by Debra Clopton

Something is missing...can Chet find a woman he could let himself love? Can he take the chance on something his childhood has shown him won't work, something that could mess up the peace he's found at Sunrise Ranch?

Sunrise Ranch, a foster home to many boys like Chet Grall had been and always would be the place he now calls home. Grown, he's remained on the ranch as the top ranch hand to the McDermott brothers---his brothers here where his new life began. But after watching all three of them marry there's a hollow spot inside him, a spot he's trying to ignore.

April Mallory lives a life all to herself. A much-loved fiction writer---under a pen name, no one knows who she is or her real name. Her entire life has been lived in hiding and now, though there is no longer a need to hide, she has remained a person who keeps to herself. But now, she's come to Dew Drop, Texas to meet Mabel, a reader whose letter to April---actually to her writing name has intrigued April. Not that she will reveal to the Inn owner who she is, but she couldn't help but come check out the Sunrise Ranch, the home for foster kids that Mabel has written to her about.

She's here for research, nothing more, but she isn't counting on a flood, getting swept away and being rescued by a cowboy---a cowboy who immediately took her breath away and made her heart pound like never, ever has it done before.

She'll keep her secrets and then move on...but can she? Mable had been right when she'd said meeting the boys at Sunrise Ranch would be life changing because Chet is one of those foster boys, he's just all grown up and the stunning cowboy has put her world into an undeniable spin.

Can she overcome her past and let love take over? Will the boys and ladies of Dew Drop help make another match of hearts?

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Undeniable Cowboy
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Debra Clopton's Bio

Debra Clopton is a USA Today and International bestselling author who has sold over 3.5 million books. She has published over 81 books under her name and her pen name of Hope Moore. Under both names she writes clean, wholesome, and inspirational small town romances, especially with cowboys, but also loves to sweep readers away with romance set on beautiful beaches surrounded by topaz water and romantic sunsets. She recently launched the Star Gazer Inn on Corpus Christi Bay series, her first wholesome women's fiction romance series that combines her love of cowboys and beaches. Debra is a multiple award-winning author, but it is the praise from her readers she values most. If she can make someone smile and forget their worries for a few hours (or days when binge reading one of her series) then she's done her job and her heart is happy. She really loves hearing she kept a reader from doing the dishes or sleeping! In 2016 she decided to take control of her publishing career and opened her own publishing company. Her books now sell worldwide and are regulars on bestseller lists in the United States and around the world. A sixth-generation Texan, Debra lives on a ranch in Texas with her husband surrounded by cattle, deer, very busy squirrels and hole digging wild hogs. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. Visit Debra's website and sign up for her newsletters and updates at debraclopton.com. Check out her Facebook page, follow her on Instagram, or contact her at debraclopton@ymail.com