The Clifton Sisters: Three Book Collection

Clifton Sisters

by Dara Girard

ILORI Press Books LLC

Contemporary Romance: Anthology

February 12, 2020

Available in: e-Book

The Clifton Sisters: Three Book Collection
by Dara Girard

Three mysterious sisters...three compelling big volume...

The Sapphire Pendant
(originally published May 2011 in trade paperback and numerous reissues, including October 2018 eBook and trade paperback by ILORI Press Books LLC)

Jessie Clifton only wants one thing: The Sapphire Pendant, an heirloom her father sold years ago. When offered an opportunity to win the pendant back by charming an eligible bachelor, the hotheaded tomboy impulsively accepts. She soon regrets her decision when she learns that her target is Kenneth Preston, a man she's hated for years.

But what starts out as a harmless wager leads her down a dangerous trail of secrets that could change her life, destroy the man she's come to love and affect an entire community.

The Amber Stone
(originally published June 2015 and October 2018 in eBook and trade paperback by ILORI Press Books LLC)

Cruel rumors swirl around herbalist Teresa Clifton. Rumors that she caused the death of her best friend.

Desperate to escape her past, she buys a natural health store and settles in a new town, which puts her in the path of Sean Casey. A man haunted by his own grief.

Soon Teresa finds herself falling for the handsome, mysterious stranger. But loving him comes at a price. A price that could cost her everything.

The Emerald Ring
(originally published April 2018 and October 2018 in eBook and trade paperback by ILORI Press Books LLC)

Successful businesswoman, Michelle Clifton, knows the pain of loss. She lost her parents to illness and the man she loved left her. Now she may lose the one thing she holds dear: her business.

When Michelle receives a notice that her lease won't be renewed, she fears that her wealthy and powerful estranged husband, James Winfield, may be behind the threat. However, she won't go down without a fight, even if that means facing him again.

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Dara Girard's Bio

Dara Girard is a national bestselling author of more than thirty books. Her multicultural stories are known for their fast pace, interesting plot twists and witty dialogue. Dara writes in different subgenres from contemporary romance, romantic suspense to women’s fiction. She also writes nonfiction books. Dara lives in Maryland.