Boss Chick's Bodacious Destiny

Are you a Boss Chick? Do you want to be?

by Dara Girard

Kydala Publishing, Inc.

Contemporary Romance: Anthology

June 15, 2018

Available in: e-Book

Boss Chick's Bodacious Destiny
by Dara Girard

Are you looking for a DARING, MULTI-GENRE selection that will tantalize, enchant, and empower your destiny? Then look no further — these books will feed your soul to grow, thrive, and explore. The BOSS CHICK’S BODACIOUS DESTINY delivers practical wisdoms, thrilling adventures, and feel-good stories to savor. So grab a beach chair, jump into a hammock, or lean back in your chaise lounge as you embrace the boss chick within.


Table of Contents
1. Practical Wisdoms @ Work by Petite2Queen
2. Love Magic by Ariana
3. The Glass Slipper Project by Dara Girard
4. Help Me Nora by Diana Deverell
5. My Rebel Dreams by Tikiri
6. Outbid by the Boss by Stephanie Browning
7. Living in the Lower Chakras by Linda Jordan

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Dara Girard's Bio

Dara Girard is a national bestselling author of more than thirty books. Her multicultural stories are known for their fast pace, interesting plot twists and witty dialogue. Dara writes in different subgenres from contemporary romance, romantic suspense to women’s fiction. She also writes nonfiction books. Dara lives in Maryland.