Basket Case

by Cyn Hadyn

Self Published

Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance: Sensual

April 21, 2016

Available in: e-Book

Basket Case
by Cyn Hadyn

He’d been told he was drop dead gorgeous and the
cameras didn’t lie. Gunner Nord was in Miami to model
designer underwear for a feature ad for one of the
prestigious women’s magazines, and he hoped, to
convince his girlfriend to move to Miami with him. He had a
five-star suite in the Fontainebleau, a three-carat ring in
a tiny, velvet box, and an offer of a tryout for a
professional jai alai team. Gunner hoped the first two
would be persuasive enough for his high-maintenance girlfriend.

While his modeling career was glamorous, he knew it
wouldn’t last. Father Time didn’t let anyone
slip by him, and Gunner wasn’t idiotic enough to
believe he’d be the exception. He was, it seemed,
idiotic enough to believe a high-powered New York Corporate
Tax Attorney would still find him acceptable if he told her
he wanted to chuck the modeling career in favor of playing a
sport using a basket strapped to his hand.

His proposal died unspoken when he returned to his suite to
discover his girlfriend packed and about to embark on a
cruise with someone other than himself. Her parting, bon
voyage gift to him was a pre-paid massage with a
‘happy ending’ delivered by a siren of a Cuban
masseuse. The therapist’s magical fingers relieved
more than just the knotted muscles in his neck and back,
they left him with the desire to do something responsible
for the rest of his life, but only if the siren would agree
to be by his side.

Cyn Hadyn's Bio

Cyn Hadyn, a career historian with Hungarian/Viking nomadic roots, goes balmy in Florida and has delusions of writing. How’s that for a current biography? Yeah, sounds silly but it’s true. I’m a transplanted Yankee living way south of the Mason-Dixon Line and enjoying the feeling of thin blood, sand, sun, and palm trees. I’ve sworn off snow, bare trees, brown grass, and real Italian food. Uh, not so much the Italian food. Still would sacrifice a small digit for authentic Italian cuisine a la Philly, Trenton, or New York.

Before settling down to write full time in the land of ’bless your heart, and y’all’, I was a Special Operations (US Army and US Marines) military historian/archivist. Now I collect a retirement check and write paranormal/historical romance. I guess my service with Army and Marine Special Operations left an indelible impression on my writing, because my characters, both male and female, are distinctly Spec Ops in their outlook. They leave no man behind, color outside the lines, and are very, very lethal. If you Google Cyn Hadyn, you’ll find my books range from paranormal to historical. I’ve also pushed the envelope a little by including Erotica and BDSM. Which brings me to my latest book, OFF TRACK, published by Decadent Publishing under the pseudonym C. L. Hadyn.

Another book about to appear under the name Cyn Hadyn is NULL SANCTION, published in eBook format by Rebel Ink. NULL SANCTION is a paranormal romance that gives a nod to my Hungarian roots. Although I haven’t included any distantly related vampires, there are one or two werewolves you might find interesting.

If you have a taste for the paranormal or historical romance, I would love to hear from you via Hadyn or