Rules of Attraction

Governess Brides #4

by Christina Dodd

Avon Books

Historical Romance

December 29, 2015

ISBN-10: 0380811995

ISBN-13: 9780380811991

Available in: e-Book (reprint)

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Rules of Attraction
by Christina Dodd

Originally published March 2001 in mass market paperback
and October 2009 in eBook for Avon Books.

To the
owner of the Distinguished Academy of Governesses

Dear Madame Owner, I am looking for an experienced companion
for my sweet, elderly, slightly dotty aunt, and that
companion must be:
1. Tall, blonde and twenty-seven
years of age.
2. Desirous of living in an ancient castle
in an isolated area of Lancashire.
3. Not nervous about
any sinister rumors about me.
4. You.
Sincerely, the
newly titled Marquess of Raeburn

From the owner of
the Distinguished Academy of Governesses

My dear,
mysterious Lord Raeburn, Coincidentally, I fulfill all your
requisites. However, as condition to accepting this
position, I insist on the following:
1. That no interest
be shown in my past.
2. That I have the free time to
explore Lancashire for reasons that I will not divulge.
3. That you not bother to deny your culpability in the
disappearance of your wife.
4. That we will not indulge
in familiarity that will surely lead to another disastrous,
passionate interlude between us.
Sincerely, Hannah

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