Devotion Calls

Calling is Reborn Vampire Book 5

by , Caridad Piñeiro

Caridad Pineiro

Paranormal Romance: Vampire

February 18, 2020

Available in: e-Book, Trade Size (reprint)

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Devotion Calls
by , Caridad Piñeiro

Something hunts in the darkness…

In the sewers beneath Spanish Harlem a demon lurks. The night stalker roams the barrio, satisfying its inhuman hunger while craving the former humanity that it believes it can recapture from Ricardo Fernandez, a spiritual healer. Ricardo has been both blessed and cursed with the power to heal, but also to hurt with a mere touch. It is a talent he hides from others through the guise of a santero.

Sara Martinez is desperate for anything that will give her other more time…

A skilled nurse, Sara doesn’t believe in something like the spiritual healing that Ricardo practices, until Ricardo’s gift is the only thing keeping her mother alive. And until passion flares between them and into something that Sara cannot live without.

But when the demon kidnaps Sara to blackmail Ricardo into restoring its humanity, Ricardo will be forced to choose between the woman he loves and losing his soul to the darkest aspects of his powers.

Originally published Janary 2007 in eBook by Silhouette Nocturne.