Desire Calls

Calling is Reborn Vampire Novella

by , Caridad Piñeiro

Indie Published

Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Romance: Vampire

February 7, 2019

Available in: e-Book (reprint)

Desire Calls
by , Caridad Piñeiro

Welsh vampire Blake has given up on any chance of love.

From the moment Blake Richards runs into sexy college coed Meghan Thomas, he imagines that it’s possible for him to actually fall in love once again. But when he loses control during their lovemaking, he has to decide between letting Meghan die or turning her. Blake turns her earning her eternal hatred and losing his chance for love. Until he runs into vampire elder Stacia and her power and humanity call to him in unexpected ways and make him believe that love just might be possible with the beautiful immortal.

Vampire elder Stacia hasn’t felt the pull of love in centuries.

Hidden from humans and feared by her own kind due to her immense age and powers, Stacia has few friends and even fewer lovers. The other elders urge her to give up on eternal love, but something inside Stacia says that if she does she will lose the very last bit of the humanity in her heart. But after a chance encounter with Blake, his spirit and strength intrigue her and she imagines that finally she may have found the man worthy enough to be her eternal companion.

Originally published April 2007 by Silhouette Nocturne in eBook and October 2008 in paperback.