Blood Calls

Calling is Reborn Vampire Book 6

by , Caridad Piñeiro

Indie Published

Paranormal Romance: Vampire

May 26, 2020

Available in: e-Book (reprint)

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Blood Calls
by , Caridad Piñeiro

Diego Rivera lost his life during the Spanish Inquisition, but when he is saved by becoming a vampire, he swears to become a better man. Ramona Escobar is a promising young artist who is struggling with a mother with Alzheimer’s and a disease that is slowly robbing Ramona of life.

Ramona unwittingly becomes involved in an art fraud and when her life is threatened, handsome art gallery owner Diego Rivera comes to her aid. Attraction will flare to life between the two, but both Diego and Ramona are hiding secrets.

When Diego reveals his true face to Ramona, she reveals the truth of her existence — that she may soon die. Will love help Diego find a way to deal with Ramona’s betrayal and his own secrets, or is it the call of her blood that is tempting him to put the bite on her?

Originally published May 2007 in eBook by Silhouette Nocturne.