The Christmas Carousel

Six Heartwarming Christmas Town Carousel Novels

by Cari Lynn Webb, Melinda Curtis, Anna J. Stewart

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Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance: Clean & Wholesome, Contemporary Romance: Anthology

November 7, 2019

Available in: e-Book

The Christmas Carousel
by Cari Lynn Webb, Melinda Curtis, Anna J. Stewart

There’s work to be done in Christmas Town.

Your favorite Harlequin Heartwarming authors are rebuilding a carousel in time for Christmas.

The Christmas Carousel contains six heartwarming stories centered around the refurbishment of the Christmas Town Carousel:

Paint Me a Christmas by Anna Adams
A Gift Horse by Beth Carpenter
Santa School by Melinda Curtis (originally published October 2018 as an eBook)
The Dark Horse by LIz Flaherty
His Christmas Carousel Baby by Anna J. Stewart (originally published October 2018 as an eBook)
Five Golden Wishes by Cari Lynn Webb (originally published October 2018 as an eBook)


Included in this edition is the 12 Days of Heartwarming Christmas prequel A Christmas Carousel Proposal by Melinda Curtis and Cari Lynn Webb and three holiday recipes from the authors.

Cari Lynn Webb's Bio

A non-stop flight from Honolulu to Chicago. A quick stop at the airport bookstore and Cari Lynn Webb discovered her love for romance. She cannot recall the book she bought, but she does remember finishing it somewhere over California, feeling pleased the murderer had been arrested (justice had prevailed). But frustration reigned as Cari searched for a hidden chapter or missed epilogue that would show the heroine and the FBI agent she’d fallen in love with living their happily-ever-after. (Surely love conquered all.) Except not in that particular book. Another trip to the bookstore in her grandparents’ home town and Cari discovered an entire section of books dedicated to the happily-ever-after. There she found Kathleen Woodiwiss, Judith McNaught and then Nora Robert … and she became a life-long romance reader. Cari’s passion for reading had not dimmed years later when she found herself newly married and inside another bookstore during her lunch break. But the shelves of happily-ever-afters surrounding her couldn’t stem her frustration at not being able to find a new historical romance (Amazon wasn’t the household name it would become). So like any dedicated reader, Cari drove back to work, opened a word document and began to write the historical she wanted to read. Months later, she printed the manuscript, presented it to her husband and asked if she should pursue acting or continue writing. With her husband’s full support, she continued writing… and now she feeds her passion for romance with a stack of to-be read paperbacks in her nightstand, multiple downloads on her kindle and her own stories. Cari believes in the power of love simply because she’d grown up surrounded by true love. She remembers her grandparents holding hands when she visited them as a kindergartner and still holding hands when her grandmother whispered her final goodbyes to her grandfather after 70 years together. Cari’s parents have been married over 50 years. And Cari is blessed to have married her own hero. She will be the first to tell you that true love isn’t always sweet and perfect, it can be challenging, complicated and risky. But in the end, there is nothing more worth fighting for.