Midnight Velvet

by Bobbi Romans

Shara Azod, LLC

June 26, 2014


Available in: e-Book

Midnight Velvet
by Bobbi Romans

In the dark recesses of the exclusive club, Midnight Velvet, fantasies come alive. Unfortunately getting an invite is impossible. Or so Missy Devaroe thought, until one arrived with her name embroidered on it.

But who sent it and why?

As Mason McDougal, owner of Midnight Velvet watches Missy stumble nervously into the club; he knows she’s in need of a firm hand and hard body.

But does she know?

Bobbi Romans' Bio

What can I say? Life’s nutty and we’re all just winging it. But who else do you know that has CrawDads getting Jiggy?

Current favorite shows? Am a Trubie through and through! From the Charlaine Harris novels to the HBO Series. Another “Guilty Pleasure” is Showtimes “Gigolos”.

Yeah, I’m quirky...there’s just no getting around it!