An Accidental Basket

by Bobbi Romans


April 15, 2015

ISBN-10: 1508693846

ISBN-13: 9781508693840

Available in: Paperback

An Accidental Basket
by Bobbi Romans

In one nightmare moment, Calyssa lost everything. Including hope. Danny took a chance on love and lost. Often it’s in those darkest, confusing, gut-wrenching hours… hope finds a way to bloom again.

Bobbi Romans' Bio

What can I say? Life’s nutty and we’re all just winging it. But who else do you know that has CrawDads getting Jiggy?

Current favorite shows? Am a Trubie through and through! From the Charlaine Harris novels to the HBO Series. Another “Guilty Pleasure” is Showtimes “Gigolos”.

Yeah, I’m quirky...there’s just no getting around it!