Blaze Wyndham

by Bertrice Small


Historical Romance

May 1, 2003

ISBN-13: 045120865X

Available in: Trade Size (reprint)

Blaze Wyndham
by Bertrice Small

The lavish, lustful, intrigue-ridden court of Henry VIII of England and the magnetic, magnificent figure of the king himself, form the vivid backdrop for this captivating novel of a beautiful woman caught in the crosscurrents of history.

Blaze Wyndham, the daughter of impoverished nobility, is forced to wed an older man she does not know, a stranger who must win her heart before he can awaken her as a woman. He is Edmund Wyndham, Earl of Langford, whose love fills her life with happiness - and whose cruel death leaves his young bride aching with loss,and stripped of all defenses but her own pride and courage in a world ruled by men's appetites and ambitions.

There is no way that Blaze can say no when King Henry is roused by her ravishing beauty, and demands her surrender with all the awesome power of his position and virile attraction of his person. Blaze becomes not only his mistress but his confidante as he makes his intricate moves on the chessboard of history, heading toward a divorce that will shock the world...and toward marriage with the scheming Anne Boleyn. Meanwhile, Blaze is ordered to wed again, this time violently against her will-for her proposed bridegroom is none other than the dashing, rakish Anthony Wyndham, younger nephew of her late husband whose memory Blaze does not want to betray.

The mounting passion that overwhelms Blaze's resistance to this new man in her life lights the pages of this multilayered, grand- scale love story. Filled with sensuality, drama, the thrilling intrigues of Henry Tudor's glittering sixteenth century court, and the wonderous sense of period and place. BLAZE WYNDHAM is a masterwork of Bertrice Small, the unrivaled doyenne of historical romantic fiction.

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Bertrice Small's Bio

Born in Manhattan, Bertrice Small has lived on eastern Long Island for 26 years, and she loves it! She is a Sagittarian, married to a Pisces, with an Aries son. Her greatest passions are her family; Pookie, Honeybun, and Finnegan, the family cats; Nicki, the ederly cockatiel who whistles the NY Mets charge call; her garden; her work, and just life in general.

She is the author of 31 novels of Historical Romance including THE KADIN (pronounced Kah-deen), and the beloved series "The O'Malley Saga" and "Skye's Legacy". A New York Times bestselling author, she has also appeared on other best-seller lists including Publishers Weekly, USA Today, and the L.A. Times. She is the recipient of numerous awards including Best Historical Romance; Outstanding Historical Romance Series; Career Achievement for Historical Fantasy; and several Reviewers Choice awards from Romantic Times. She has a "Silver Pen" from Affair De Couer, and an Honorable Mention from The West Coast Review of Books.

Bertrice Small is a member of The Authors Guild, Romance Writers of America, and PASIC. She is also a member of RWA's Long Island chapter, L.I.R.W., and is its easternmost member.