The Virgin Who Captured a Viscount

The Swooning Virgins Society Book 5

by Anna Bradley

Lyrical Press

Historical Romance: Scottish, Historical Romance: Regency

October 4, 2022

Available in: e-Book, Trade Size

The Virgin Who Captured a Viscount
by Anna Bradley

The face of an angel...

Petite, soft-spoken Mairi Cameron may look like a damsel in distress, but she's never needed anyone to save her. She's fought for everything she has, and nothing is more important to her than her family. So, when her beloved grandmother is charged with a despicable crime, Mairi flees the Scottish moors and embarks on a treacherous journey to find the one man who can clear her name---Daniel Brixton, the man her grandmother is accused of murdering.

The heart of a warrior...

Dark and menacing Daniel Brixton bears the scars of a brutal past carved into his flesh. He relies on his fists, not his heart, but when Mairi Cameron emerges from the shadows of a gloomy London night with a pistol in her hand and wild claims of a blood debt he owes her family on her lips, the shrunken organ in his chest shudders to life with a vengeance.

A love story that spans decades...

Daniel isn't a man who backs down from a challenge, but the long-buried secrets falling from Mairi's lips threaten everything he's ever believed to be true about himself. Her indomitable spirit tempts him like no other, but can he trust that the angel's face that's haunted him for years isn't a dream at all, but a memory?

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Anna Bradley's Bio

Anna Bradley has been an avid reader, writer and book fondler since childhood, when she pilfered her first romance novel and stole away to her bedroom to devour it. This insatiable love of the written word persisted throughout her childhood in Maine, where it led to a master's degree in English Literature. Before she became a writer, Anna worked with a rare books library featuring works by British women writers from the 1600s through the Regency period. Here she indulged in her love of stories, fondled smooth, leather-bound volumes to her heart's content and dreamed of becoming a writer. Anna writes steamy historical romance (think garters, fops and riding crops) and squeezes in a career as a writing and literature professor on the side. She lives with her husband and two children in Portland, OR, where people are delightfully weird and love to read.