Prince of Rogues

Seduced by Scandal Book 5

by Angelique Armae

Summerborne Books, LLC

Historical Romance

October 29, 2019

Available in: e-Book

Prince of Rogues
by Angelique Armae

To catch a killer, a prince makes a most inappropriate bet…
And promptly loses to a lady who's seduced by scandal…

Miss Catherine ‘Kitty’ Culpepper is no wallflower. She’s headed up her father’s scandalous newspaper for well over a year now, helping King Bertram’s undercover operatives catch the realm’s most notorious anti-monarchists. But when she accepts a bet at a scandalous gaming hell—to join a covert royal regiment—and wins, she comes face-to-face with Prince Alexander, the kingdom’s number one rogue. Unfortunately, Alex is also Kitty’s secret beau. And what she wants from Alex is far beyond what he’s offering in exchange for her official winnings…

Prince Alexander Nicholas Albert Richard, known to his friends simply as Alex, has never met a woman he couldn’t win over. He’s also never met a woman who’s wanted a man’s job. That is until tonight, when he encounters his own little minx at a gaming hell. Now the chit wants to join his covert organization, so she can hunt down her brother’s killer, a task Alex has no intention of allowing. He’d much rather have the beautiful Kitty in his bed than armed at his side, tracking assassins and the like. But denying Catherine only leads to the woman taking up her own crusade. And once she’s crossed paths with Alex’s target, Catherine becomes the brute’s next victim.

Can this PRINCE OF ROGUES save the woman of his heart before it’s too late?

Angelique Armae's Bio

Angelique Armae is a native New Yorker who’s as zany as the city she grew up in. As a child her favorite toy was Emerald The Witch, a small doll with green eyes, green hair and purple skin.

Miss Armae’s books and novellas have garnered numerous awards and nominations, including the Sapphire Award, P.E.A.R.L. Award and Word Weaving Award. Her books have also been featured on Midwest Book Review’s Book Watch TV. Angelique’s first novel, COME THE NIGHT, made Fictionwise’s Best of the Best list, rounding out the top five best selling dark fantasy books of the year.

Aside from writing, Angelique also dabbles in digital art. She is the recipient and two time nominee of the Dream Realm Award for best cover art.

When not working, Ms. Armae enjoys traveling, learning about the ancient Celts, exploring history and learning new languages. Angelique studied history and French literature at Skidmore College.