Secrets, Volume1

by Alice Gaines, Bonnie Hamre, Ivy Landon, Jeanie LeGendre

Red Sage Publishing

Sensual, Sensual: Anthology

December 1, 1995

ISBN-13: 0964894203

Available in: Trade Size

Secrets, Volume1
by Alice Gaines, Bonnie Hamre, Ivy Landon, Jeanie LeGendre

A Lady's Quest by Bonnie Hamre
Widowed Lady Antonia Blair-Sutworth searches for a lover to save her from the handsome Duke of Sutherland. The "auditions" may be shocking but utterly tantalizing.

The Spinner's Dream by Alice Gaines
A seductive fantasy that leaves every woman wishing for her own private love slave, desperate and running for his life.

The Proposal by Ivy Landon
This tale is a walk on the wild side of love. The Proposal will taunt you, tease you, and shock you. A contemporary erotica for the adventurous woman.

The Gift by Jeanie LeGendre
Immerse yourself in this historic tale of exotic seduction, bondage and of a concubine's surrender to the Sultan's desire. Can Alessandra live the life and give the gift the Sultan demands of her?

Alice Gaines' Bio

Award-winning author, Alice Gaines is the author of several full-length books and dozens of shorter works. She lives in Oakland, California with her pet corn snake, Casper. While Alice isn't writing or reading, you'll find her pottering in her garden or cooking something in her kitchen. She's passionate about her church and funky soul band, Tower of Power, not necessarily in that order. Alice loves to hear from readers. E-mail her at If you visit her website at and sign up for her newsletter you'll be entered to win her hand-knitted and crocheted projects.