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Moonsight Magic
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A Witches' Ball. Hmmph. A magical marriage mart, more like---and Lady Ninianne Morvoren is not in search of a husband. Not yet. She's perfectly happy with her life on Myrddin's Isle, where the sea and the moonlight combine to make her magic powerful and her reputation as a truth seer and a curse breaker grow. But her Spriggan friend, Boult, is in search of a mate, and he's heard of the perfect candidate in the district of Nightshade Manor, where the ball is to be held.

Mr. Tristan Tawstock has not come to Cornwall in search of a wife. He's looking for contacts, connections, and useful friendships that could help as he launches a political career. But a . . . creature has shown up at Nightshade Manor---and its dark influence appears vulnerable to the combination of Lady Ninianne's water magic and his own Promethean skills with fire and light.

As the monster's menace spreads, Ninianne and Tristan agree to work together. But can the unlikely duo find and conquer the creature before one or both of them are destroyed? And will their unexpected attraction defeat all those best-laid plans?

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