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Deb Marlowe is giving away two digital copies of NOTHING BUT A RAKEHELL and an autographed copy of the CASTLE KEYVNOR AND THE PIXIES TRILOGY.

Why Do Earls Fall in Love?
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Marriage is for dupes and fools. It is a truth Lord Whiddon has witnessed firsthand and more than once. He’s been distraught, watching his closest friends fall one by one—and he’s determined to avoid parson’s mousetrap himself.

He’s surprised, then, to find himself in sympathy with a pretty, young debutante, in Town for the Season and determined to find herself a husband. But Miss Charlotte Mayne is a challenge and a worthy verbal sparring partner, with unique vision and a vulnerability that only he seems to see. He can’t marry her himself, but he deigns to help her in her quest.

Well. Best laid plans and all of that. Misfortune—and a spiteful adversary—strikes, and the pair finds themselves forced to wed.

Whiddon vows it will be a marriage in name only, but Charlotte wants more. She marshals her wit, determination and probing insight and plans her siege, but she’s up against Whiddon’s stubbornness, the ghosts of his past, and the maneuverings of their foes.

Will fiery passion and fledgling love be enough to conquer the obstacles in their path—and their own fears?

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