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Best Kiss Ever

by Boone Brux

BB_500I had an ideal romance once. It was amazing, the things romance novels are made of, but it was very short lived, which was probably for the best.

When I was twenty-something, my girlfriend and I traveled through Europe. While in England I met a guy—let’s call him Spike. Spike looked like Brad Pitt and had a voice like velvet. Add the smooth English accent and we’re talking the whole package for seduction.

For several days we flirted, bumping elbows or the occasional thigh when sitting next to each other. It was glorious. Butterflies flitted around my stomach when he smiled at me with those white teeth and bright blue eyes. When we weren’t together, I thought of him constantly, yearned for him to kiss me, which really wasn’t like me. I didn’t pine. I was an independent woman, seeing the world.

One day, while visiting Leeds Castle, Spike and I stood in the gardens, talking and flirting. I’ll admit, I looked good. Long blond hair, tan, no worries—completely receptive to the smallest hint of encouragement.

Then it happened. He said something funny, and of course I laughed. For several seconds he stared at me, causing my breath to stutter in my chest. Gently he cupped my cheeks and lowered his mouth to mine.

Let me tell you, it was a kiss like no other. I’d never received one like it before and have never experienced one since. His mouth languished against mine, his tongue slipping past my lips. I think I might have passed out—it was that good.

When we parted and he pulled me a little closer and whispered, “You’re so beautiful.”

For three whole minutes, from start to finish, the world was perfect. He was perfect. I was beautiful. The crowd faded and it was only Spike and I, standing in the magical gardens of a castle. That was some seriously sexy stuff.

There’s a scene in the movie City Slickers when Billy Crystal asks Curly, played by Jack Palance, if he’d ever been in love. Curly describes riding up to a strange house on his horse. Outside was a young woman, hanging laundry. Her hair rippled in the afternoon breeze and the sun shone through her dress. That was the moment he’d fallen in love. Realizing it wasn’t going to get any better than that, Curly turned and rode away.

My moment with Spike at Leeds Castle was like that for me. It wasn’t going to get any better than that moment, and eventually we parted ways, but I never forgot that kiss.

I don’t know where Spike is today, but if he reads this, I just want to say thanks. How about you? What was the best kiss you ever got?

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Businessman Jamie Kingsland is back in Seattle for a wedding. There’s just one problem – the maid of honor wants him dead. Except she doesn’t. Even though he knows he broke her heart last year when things got too serious and he panicked and left, she’s being way too nice about it now. And it scares him.

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Boone Brux

Boone Brux

Boone's stories range from high fantasy to contemporary romance. Having lived all over the world, and finally settling in the icy region of Alaska, she's always looking for the next adventure. It's not unusual to find Boone traversing the remotest parts of the Alaskan bush, gathering information for her stories. No person or escapade is off limits when it comes to weaving real life experiences into her books or blogs.

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