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Being a Dog Mom


Hello! We are the writing team of Storm Navarro and Jolie de la Cruz writing together as R.C. Alvarez.

Recently, we have met up with a creative content strategist, Writing Bytes, to get a glimpse into what it takes to market your own book before and after its release date. She told us that one of the ways you can brand yourself is simply by being yourself. Post about things you like. Be personable and engage one-on-one with your followers. So, what is something that both Jolie and I love to bits that we can share with our audience? Our dogs of course.

While we both always grew up with good, loyal dogs that our parents provided for, we weren’t really prepared for what it would be like to have dogs of our very own. In our book Unchained Desire, coming out May 27th, none of the characters have dog friends, but our heroine does have a pet hedgehog. Does this make her a hedgehog mom? Hedge mom? Hog mom? What do you think? Below is each of our individual thoughts on what it’s like to be a dog mom.


Storm Navarro: About two years ago, I purchased a one year old shepherd mix from a nice couple who couldn’t keep her in their apartment anymore. They called her Ella, but I wanted something a little more personal to me. So, I named her Juvia which is one way you can pronounce lluvia (the Spanish word for rain). She’s my best friend. I love the way she tucks her little face in the lining of her bed to shut out the world. I love the way she stares at me, unblinking, when I’m eating food (even though I’ve already fed her). I love her curly tail and the way she gently touches the tip of her tongue to the back of my hand when she wants my attention. Most of all, I love the way she loves me unconditionally. You’re so cute, Juvia!

Jolie de la Cruz: Lena isn’t the first dog I’ve owned myself, but she still holds a very special place in my heart. Her quirky mannerisms endeared me from the very beginning. She’s very protective of my husband and I, but she would never actually hurt anyone. I love the way she rolls over for belly rubs whenever someone approaches her. I’ve had Lena for a few years now and she’s grown comfortable laying at my feet beneath the desk whenever I’m doing my writing sprints. Every now and then she’ll nudge my arm and I know that’s when it’s time for a break. I’ll take her for walks, practice some tricks we’ve taught her. She’s the best companion a writer could have.


by R.C. Alvarez

Chained to a demon queen for hundreds of years, fallen angel Ramiel has given up on his brothers and sisters—and humanity. He has seven days away from hell to replenish his power and that’s all he cares about—right up until his meeting with the much too innocent Kyria. He fell for that act before and it landed him in hell, he won’t be making that mistake again.

To save her sick father, Kyria knows she must find Ramiel. He’s dark, brooding and everything Kyria should be scared of, but the haunted look in his eyes makes her think there’s more to him. The tattoos and chains don’t frighten her either, but the connection she has with him does. When strange creatures attack her, Ramiel steps in to protect her.

Ramiel believes he’s reluctantly helping Kyria, but what neither of them knows is that she may be the one to save them all…



R. C. Alvarez

R. C. Alvarez

The Paranormal Romance writing team of Storm Navarro and Jolie de la Cruz spend their days delving into myth and madness and coating it with romance. Texas born and raised, both authors have a penchant for strong men and wild rides. Their first book was launched into the world on May 27, 2019.

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