Susan Mallery

Susan Mallery is the bestselling author of over eighty romances and she has yet to run out of ideas!! She has written series romances, as well as single titles, historicals, contemporaries and even a lone time travel. Always reader favorites, her books have appeared on the Waldens bestseller list, along with USA Today. She has won awards for everything from best single title contemporary, to best Special Edition of the year. As her degree in Accounting wasn't very helpful in the writing department, Susan recently earned a Masters in Writing Popular Fiction.

Susan currently makes her home in Los Angeles, although that could change at a moment's notice. She tends to move around a lot, and has gotten very good at the whole packing and unpacking thing.

Susan is married, and yes, he's the reasons for all the moving. She has two aging but neurotic cats and a small dog. The dog is a relatively recent addition to the family and the cats are seriously unamused.