Susan Aylworth

Susan Aylworth loves “travel, great, music, and good raspberry jam” and claims addiction to “words in almost all polite forms.” Her first book, started when she was nine, “was a rip-off of Black Beauty. I wrote eight whole pages!” For her fifth grade career day, she stated her ambition to become “a rich and famous author.” Years later, she is pleased to have achieved the ‘author’ part of that goal.

She enjoys researching backgrounds and careers for her novels. “It’s one way to live many lives all at once.” She lives in northern California with her writer husband, Roger. She has also lived on the East Coast and in the Navajo Nation, the setting for several of her novels. Like most women of her generation, she wishes the kids would visit more often.

Susan loves hearing from readers. Reach her at, post on her wall at: or follow her @SusanAylworth. “If you enjoy my books, please tell everyone you know: friends, relatives, neighbors, the person who delivers your mail, people you meet in line in the grocery store, everyone!” Give her a shout if you’d like your name to appear in an upcoming book, but beware: You may become the bad guy.