Susan Arden

Diversity in life is important to Susan. So much she obtained an MS Ed in TESOL. But the universe had other plans. From a classroom, she fell into a world filled with romance. Both real and fiction. Married the man standing behind her at Starbucks. Yep, never can tell what life has in store. So if you doubt dreams can come true, ask her about how in falling she found the courage to jump and a pair of writer wings.

Susan isn’t into chocolate, she prefers Skittles (lemon ones to be exact). Wildflowers over roses. Definitely, she adores the company of children and animals over bureaucrats. A believer in the magic of fate and destiny. Promoting “inspire a smile” by random acts of kindness to combat despair. Susan supports charity organizations including, Semper Fi Fund, Diversity In Books, and a robotics program for children.

Author of the bestselling Bad Boy (McLemore) romance series. The ninth book releases Jan 12, 2016: Too Hot To Handle ~ Never Say Never.

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