Meljean Brook

Meljean Brook thought herself a superhero growing up -- a superhero princess. After her dreams of flying were brought to a crashing halt when she jumped off one too many sofas with a towel tied around her neck, she turned to safer pursuits: reading and writing about superheroes, princesses, and romance.

She read her first romance at the tender age of eight -- Carole Mortimer's Only Lover, Harlequin Presents #502. Thighs surged, hearts flipped, the men were larger than life and the women more beautiful than princesses, and Meljean was hooked. She consumed thousands of romances over the following two decades, first filching them from her grandmother's library and reading them under her bedcovers, then proudly carrying them with her wherever she went. At the same time, in her notebooks and later her computers, she wrote romances by emulating her favorite authors' styles -- but it wasn't until she wrote romantic fan fiction about two superheroes that she finally found her own voice.

Meljean writes sensual paranormal romance -- she likes it sexy, emotional, and just a little weird. Currently, she is writing a novella for Berkley, and finishing her novel Tempting Hugh. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and their young daughter.

Meljean also writes as:

Milla Vane