Lisa J. MacDonald

After working with 100s of business owners and entrepreneurs, I have learned that nothing is more important in business than harnessing what is possible to navigate through the challenges.

I'm best known for taking away people's excuses and inspiring people to take steps toward their biggest dreams. As a result, I have been featured on numerous television and radio shows. My former business show achieved Featured on iTunes What's Hot For BizOnYourTerms.TV in 2013.

I live by the philosophy that our greatest strength comes from aligning our vision, action, and strategy. I encourage everyone to honor their essence. One of my clients, Nina A Brown, said through our work together, she learned "there is 'no failure,' just working through and solving." And that is at the core of my work---liberating my clients, no matter what the obstacle.

I have spent a large part of my career supporting creative entrepreneurs and have been in creative pursuits myself. I have published thirty books, was nominated for the Pushcart award in 2017 and won the Readers' Choice 5-Star Award multiple times. My books have regularly hit the Amazon Best Seller List. I have also been the script consultant and executive producer for a movie that has hit the Christian bestselling list. In 2000 I was the executive producer of the movie that won the Heartland Award. I have also been a producer of a local play, and I earned my Masters of Fine Art at Antioch University in Culver City, CA, and a Masters of English from Arizona State University.