Karen Hawkins


Karen Hawkins writes. Full-time. At her home in Orlando, FL. Sitting on a lounge chair on her lanai. While drinking diet coke. And watching HGTV.

In the nude.

Ok, ok. She’s kidding about the ‘in the nude’ part, but the rest of it is true.

A New York Times and USA Today best-selling author of over 20 humorous historical and contemporary romance novels, Karen doesn’t have time for 'friends’, although she’s been known to haunt the yards of a few, select well known actors, particularly a sexy Australian with the initials H.J. Fortunately, the two actors who filed injunctions against Karen don’t live in her home state so she’s free to travel within the borders of Florida and can, with permission of the court, even visit Southern Georgia and 3/4ths of the state of Tennessee.

For now.

Several years ago, Karen married a handsome cop she met while researching her first contemporary romance novel, TALK OF THE TALK. Her husband, aka Hot Cop, has turned into an exemplary Writer’s Husband. He has learned to 'talk writing,’ knows the fastest routes to all of the major mail carriers, and can tell the difference between an erasable colored pencil and a regular one. He also knows not to ask for meals during Deadline Dementia Week.

Like all good Writer’s Husbands, Hot Cop has learned the value of a good glass of Merlot during dreaded Release Week.

When not at home working her fingers to the bone, Karen frequently visits her two grown children who attend college in Knoxville, TN, doing what she can to remind them that they would not be walking this earth without her and that they must wash behind their ears every single day of their life or something very, very bad could happen to the world.

They, naturally, look forward to her visits with great excitement.

An award-winning author, Karen is working alternately on two series — her historical Hurst Amulet series set in Regency-era Scotland and her contemporary Glory, NC series, which combines the best of the romance genre with the best of the mystery genre.