Anne Gracie

Anne Gracie was born in Australia, but lived in Scotland, Greece and Malaysia, as well as different parts of Australia, because of her Dad's job. The moving taught her a) that it's horrible being "the new girl" b) that the world is a pretty terrific place and c) that moving teaches you to be good at accents.

Anne's first job was in a dog and cat boarding kennels, where she soon realized the job was not playing with the animals, but scooping up lots of you-know-what. She's also a whizz at giving pills to cats. A voluntary job teaching women with little kids English in their home made her decide to become a teacher and she's done it ever since, with bouts of traveling in between.

From her family she inherited a love of books and story- telling, a deep romantic streak (her great-grandfather wooed her great-grandmother with poetry and horses), a love of music and a penchant for keeping honeybees.

One year while traveling Anne started writing a story (very badly) in a series of notebooks. That story never got published, but the writing bug had bitten hard and she kept trying. Her first published book was a Rita finalist, and she recently won the National Readers Choice Award and the Australian Category Romance Book of the Year.