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Writerspace Welcomes New Authors

  • Shayla McAnn

    Shayla McAnn is a Southern Women’s Fiction Author and Author of Tales From The Front Porch Swing, where she shares stories of strong Southern Women.

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  • Anastasia Alexander

    Anastasia Alexander doesn’t have the answers to life’s love questions. What she does know is that love in the 21st Century is complex. There are no easy answers, and there is a lot of richness and juiciness in exploring all the complexity that love brings. Her credentials are two failed marriages, equaling twenty-three years of marriage and a willingness to believe that maybe a third one will be her lucky number. Or she might decide to compete with Elizabeth Taylor for who can get married...

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April News

Meg Tilly

I am now alternating between daytime pajamas and nighttime pajamas, with the occasional jeans or sweats and T-shirt combo thrown in for good measure. I am baking a lot. Whenever my husband starts looking panicky, overwhelmed or scared, I offer to whip up a batch of cookies or fudge or ice cream. He cheers right up. Actually, I was sitting here thinking how lucky I am that he is so easily soothed.

People are reading lots of books while they socially isolate these days. If you're looking for a sexy, edgy read, may I suggest my latest, HIDDEN COVE?

Shayla McAnn

Shayla McAnn wants to give you a free book!  Visit Shayla at and sign up for her newsletter to receive a free download of her book THE HOPE CHEST. THE HOPE CHEST tells the story of Carley, an ER nurse and loner in Dogwood, TX, and her search for love and connection. THE HOPE CHEST is the first book in two upcoming series from Shayla: Dogwood Hometown and Galveston Island. You can get a free head start on both series just by joining her mailing list!

Leanne Banks

Leanne Banks is excited to announce that she is taking part in a fabulous 99 cent e bundle featuring one of her RITA nominated books!  Don't miss UNFORGETTABLE JOY: UNFORGETTABLE PLEASURE!

Sabrina Jeffries


I'm fortunate in that I can work at home, and so can my husband, who does the business stuff for me, thus freeing me up to write. But I know that's not the case for everyone, and believe me, I am grateful that I can continue with my writing. For those of you unable to work right now, either at home or in your jobs outside of the home, I hope your time off work is fruitful and you and your loved ones are safe. In an effort to bring some entertainment to the days ahead, I've included some links to gorgeous Regency images that inspired scenes, characters, and storylines in my books. Enjoy! ---Sabrina

An April Fool's Free Read!

Everyone gets a free Regency romance short story today! No jokes or pranks involved. Click here to download Sabrina Jeffries' previously published short, "An April Fool's Forbidden Affair." Here's more about this sweet romance.

Widower Mason Brandt, the Earl of Westville, has been neglecting his duties to his late wife's sister, Augusta, and brother, Lionel, for one reason only: he's attracted to Augusta. And that's forbidden in England--a man may not marry his deceased wife's sister without going abroad and risking a scandal. But when Lionel engages in an April Fool's prank of epic proportions, threatening to create an entirely different sort of scandal, Mason and Augusta must step in to save the day . . . and in the process, become April Fools for each other.

Want to know more about my latest release? Visit THE BACHELOR inspiration board!

Curious about the first book in my Duke Dynasty series? View my PROJECT DUCHESS inspiration board.

Feeling a little risqué? Check out the Regency Fun and Bawdy Prints board.

How about some lovely Regency gowns? Click for more.

And we mustn't leave out Regency men's fashion! See more here.

Read an excerpt from New York Times bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries' THE BACHELOR here!

Cari Lynn Webb

Hello Spring! There's so much pollen covering our cars, patio and pets who venture outside, my daughter dubbed it: Southern Snow. Once I come out of deadline mode for my book, MONTANA WEDDING, Book 5 in The Blackwell Sisters continuity series, I plan to start spring cleaning. In the meantime, I'll be at the keyboard searching for words and adjusting to having my family home full time. Sending good wishes to everyone as we adjust to social distancing and spending more time at home. I pray you and your family are safe and healthy. You can find out more about my sweet contemporary romance series, City by the Bay Stories, at my website and sign up for my newsletter.

Cathryn Marr

Paranormal-Palooza & Other Spring Things

Escape to another world this spring as Cathryn Marr, the writing duo of Terese Ramin and Dawn Johanson, celebrate all things paranormal romance on their Facebook and Instagram pages. Play games, win prizes, and join the discussion as the authors share more about the complex world that serves as the setting for their Brotherhood of Shadows paranormal romance series, including the first novel SOUL KEEPER, which is now available in print and eBook formats.

Escape reality and join the fun!

Like Cathryn Marr on Facebook
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Sign up for their monthly newsletter and learn more about the books by visiting

Kat Martin

Hi, everyone...we are in the midst of some crazy times. Italy's mantra, "Andrà tutto bene" -- everything will be all right, is helpful in turning feelings of panic into peaceful protection. Take care of yourselves and each other.

PIVOT was released today! Three novellas from three different authors, centering on girls who came from broken homes and now, as women, are fighting again for their lives, the men they love, and the future they deserve.

Check out the reviews!

"The three novellas featured in this high-octane romantic suspense anthology form a captivating whole...Remarkable tonal consistency and interlocking elements ensure that these twisty, sizzling love stories flow seamlessly together. Readers won't want to put this one down." --Publishers Weekly

"The novellas are loosely connected, set during roughly the same time period and sharing some characters and plot threads. Each story can be read in a single sitting and contains a complete arc for its characters that is both believable and engaging, despite the shorter format...This anthology is perfect for readers of romantic suspense who are looking for more from the included authors or for introductions to writers who are sure to become future favorites." --Library Journal

I hope you will give it a try.

Warmest, Kat

Apple Books

Janna MacGregor

With so much uncertainty, most people are doing their best to navigate this new way of life resulting from the corona virus. Janna MacGregor has put together some tips for surviving seclusion without succumbing to boredom now that people have more unexpected time at home. To all of the essential workers out there, THANK YOU for being on the front lines!

Social Distancing Tips for Romance Fans

  1. Start a series! Now is the perfect time to make a bigger time to commitment to that romance series you've been wanting to read. Here's more about Janna MacGregor's Cavensham Heiresses Regency romance series.
  1. Read a new release eBook. Instantly download that book you've been meaning to read, like Janna's latest, WILD, WILD RAKE, without having to leave the comfort and safety of home!
  1. Join a Facebook group. Gather together with like-minded people in an online group to stay connected to friends without sharing germs. Janna would love to have you join her group of historical romance lovers in the Ladies of Langham Hall Facebook group.

Stay safe and sane during these challenging times, friends.

For more about the books, visit, and sign up for her newsletter for the most exclusive insider information.

Terese Ramin

Meet the Brannigan Sisters

Alice, ACCOMPANYING ALICE, the 35-year-old single mother of 18-year-old twins who hides an injured undercover FBI agent in plain sight while trying to finish her youngest sister's wedding veil before the relatives check in to her tiny house for a big family wedding.

Grace, GUARDING GRACE, the widowed youngest Brannigan, who's raising 4 children on her own, and who winds up with a 6'4" undercover U.S. Marshal moving in to keep an eye on her, her children, and her tenant---who's on the run from the mob.

Lieutenant Col Helen Brannigan, FIVE KIDS, ONE CHRISTMAS, who never wanted children, but who winds up sharing five in the same house with a blinded Navy photographer when their exes die and leave them joint custody of the orphaned children.

Life is never boring when the sisters are around.

Comfort reading is here! Get the complete Brannigan Sisters classic romance trilogy, BIRD, BEES, BABIES,  for only $0.99 through Mother's Day!

Tracy Brogan

I'm super excited to share this review of THE NEW NORMAL from Publishers Weekly. Release date June 2nd, 2020.

Neighbors find love the second time around in this spirited contemporary from Brogan (MY KIND OF FOREVER). Ever since Carli Lancaster's divorce was finalized eight months ago, she's been doing her best to make ends meet while raising her two teenage daughters. Adding Gus, an oversized and under-trained puppy, to the family only adds to her stress---especially when he pilfers her new neighbor's T-bone steak right off his grill. Ben Chase is mid-divorce and just wants to be left alone, but he's drawn to Carli's personality and good looks. An easygoing friendship soon develops between them, but becomes harder to maintain as their feelings for each other grow. Brogan's voice is distinct and irresistible, offering both laugh-out-loud scenarios and moments of poignancy as Carli and Ben wade through the murky waters of divorce and single parenthood. Supportive neighbors enhance the hilarity and add a sense of community sure to tug at the heartstrings. This sweet romance is a joy.

Jennifer Probst

You're invited to the wedding FIGHT of the season!

Don't forget, to pre-order LOVE ON BEACH AVENUE, the first book in the all-new Sunshine Sisters series!

Pre-order now (Available 5/1/2020)

Get your summer TBR list started with, BEGIN AGAIN, a novella in the Stay series featuring Chloe and Owen from ALL ROADS LEAD TO YOU! (Available July 28, 2020)

Pre-order now

Be sure to stop by my website and enter the monthly contest! You could win a signed copy of SEARCHING FOR PERFECT. ENTER NOW!!

Dani Pettrey

They know the power and peril of the ocean.

But as they get closer to the deadly truth...

An even greater danger lurks just beneath the surface.

THE CRUSHING DEPTHS is now available for pre-order!

When an accident claims the life of an oil-rig worker, Coast Guard investigators Rissi Dawson and Mason Rogers are flown to the scene thirty-six miles from shore.. Tensions aboard the  rig are high, and the death has everyone on edge. Environmental activists just off the rig's port side are threatening to do whatever it takes to stop the 'plague on the environment' from continuing its work. Meanwhile, rumors are circulating onboard about an ancient curse lurking in the depths below.

Mounting evidence shows the death might well not have been an accident. Was he killed by one of the activists or, more frighteningly, a member of his own crew? Rissi and Mason have to sort through not only numerous suspects, but also their own past that haunts them still and their attraction to each other.

Just as the case seems about to break open, worse news arrives. A tropical storm has turned their way. Now they're cut off from any rescue---right where the killer wants them.

Laura Benedict

I have two gifts for you. The sun is shining, and my flower garden is greening. But these past weeks have brought so much sadness to so many people who are either ill or frustrated at home, or are out on the front lines, fighting COVID-19. It's hard to believe so many are suffering while surrounded by spring beauty. I'm staying home with my husband and college-age son, writing, cooking and decluttering. Books have been a refuge for me ever since I can remember. I'd like to offer you two short ebooks from my backlist to download for free. COLD ALONE: A Bliss House Story, set in the world of my supernatural Bliss House series.The other is HAUNTED HOLIDAYS, a set of 3 spine-tinglers written by Carolyn Haines, Lisa Morton, and me. Download one or both spooky books---but they're just for YOU, so please don't share links publicly as there's a limit of 200 downloads per book. I don't want Writerspace fans to get shut out. Links are good through Saturday, April 4th. (And don't forget my latest book, THE STRANGER INSIDE, is now available in stores in paperback.) Sending you lots of love and prayers.

Click here for COLD ALONE

Sharon Hamilton

Sharon Hamilton is releasing Book 3 in the Sunset SEALs series, TREASURE ISLAND SEAL (now available on pre-order) on 4/21/20.

This continues the stories based on the Florida Gulf Coast area, the beaches and the beach "vibe", inspired by Sharon's recent purchase of an AirBNB triplex steps from the beach.


Pirate SEAL rescues his Mermaid--Diving Deep for Dangerous Love!

Navy SEAL Ned Silver is lured to the Florida gulf coast by the friend of his fathers, a former Navy diver now turned treasure hunter. Between deployments, S.O. Silver is addicted to adventure, and searching for pirate booty is right up his alley. What he hasn't counted on is that his net has  also captured a local mermaid.

Madison Montgomery has done freelance underwater modeling and film work, but she's also an experienced scuba diver. Between jobs, she tends a salty beach bar catering to whatever the sea blows in. She's unprepared when her heart is hooked on the muscled beach bum she's hired to work with on a treasure dive.

As their underwater love affair smolders like a hyperbaric welding torch, the pair will have to discover who is captain and who is captured.

Barnes and Noble

Augustina Van Hoven

Happy Easter everyone!

The first book in the Tovenaar series released last month.  THE HIDDEN, introduces you to the world of supernatural people living among us.

 The other two jumped out in unison. Valerian stepped to his right and swung his arms in an arch. He struck one wolf in the head, throwing it into the other one. The two wolves tumbled together. One remained on the ground, its front leg lying at an unnatural angle. The other wolf growled and inched its way in a wide circle toward Lily, causing Valerian to turn and face her.

Lily's head spun. The ground wobbled under her feet.

It wasn't the fierce look on his handsome face that caused her to clutch her stomach and gasp for air. Not even the fiery gleam in his eyes. No, it was the white glint of his fangs shining in the moonlight.

 Starting this month I will have a new short story in serial format in my monthly newsletter.  This one is set in the Tovenaar Series world and takes place before THE HIDDEN. Sign up for my newsletter and don't miss an episode.

Happy reading!

Madeline Hunter

HEIRESS FOR HIRE is almost here! Due out April 28, it is available on pre-order.

Booklist's Jon Charles calls it "a superbly sexy love story deftly dovetailed with a well-crafted, mystery-spiked plot, and graced with a cast of endlessly amusing characters."

Publishers Weekly gave it a starred review!

This is book one in A Duke's Heiress series. Three woman receive unexpected legacies from a duke, much to the consternation of his extended family who think he should have left the money to them. Since his death might not have been an accident, Minerva Hepplewhite feels the need to investigate. Especially since the duke's nephew Chase Radnor has put her at the top of the list of suspects.

Excerpt and info at


Christina Dodd

While you stay at home, wash your hands and don't touch your face (OMG, am I the only one who touches her face far too often???) you can use this time to catch up on your reading! Oh, you already figured that out?? Great, here's my printable downloadable booklist sorted by genre, series and in order.

Here's my Books by Series page with covers and clickable links to short synopses, excerpts and buy links.

For those of you who can't work from home: the people who clean the planes, the flight attendants, the hairdressers, the medical personnel who care for the sick and elderly, the reporters, those who stock toilet paper on grocery shelves, so so many more---from those of us who fly, are ill, need information, and grocery shop, thank you so much.


Christina Dodd
New York Times bestselling author
Of the Cape Charade series

Merrillee Whren

SECOND CHANCE LOVE will be released on April 28 and  is now available for pre-order.

Eight years should have been long enough to overcome the hurt and humiliation of being left at the altar, but when Jillian Rodgers walks back into Sam Lawson's life he has to grapple with those feelings again. Worse yet, he can't stop thinking about her.

Jillian Rodgers has returned to her hometown to help care for her mother. Facing Sam again is hard, but Jillian wonders if her return could mean a second chance for Them.

In a small town their paths often cross, and despite Sam's vow not to make the same mistake, he finds himself falling for her all over again. But Jillian hasn't been completely honest about her life. When that comes to light, can he still forgive and forget? Can they have a second chance at love?

Pre-Order at:
Barnes and Noble 
Apple Books

Trish McCallan

Trish McCallan is thrilled to announce the release of her romantic suspense novel DARK TIDINGS. DARK TIDINGS is the tenth book in the multi author Dark Falls series of romantic thrillers, but can be read on its own. Check out the blurb:

When secrets and lies collide...lives are lost and hearts are broken...

After a midnight encounter with a powerful, manipulative sociopath, Detective Marisol Zaragoza is catapulted into the most treacherous case of her fledgling career. And from there, into the path of the gorgeous, enigmatic billionaire who'd shattered her life and ripped her heart to shreds ten years earlier.

She'd fallen for Beck Gatling's suave charm once. Dios mío... Never again.

But as her investigation disintegrates and a killer teeters on the cusp of freedom, Mari is drawn back into her ex-love's orbit. Soon, the edges between the past and the present blur and her career and heart are on a collision course.

You can purchase DARK TIDINGS through Amazon for $3.99, or read it for free through Kindle Unlimited.


Laura Marie Altom

Hugs and prayers winging to all of my dear friends and readers. What a crazy, confusing time we're living through. Since all of the Los Angeles movie studios have closed, our actor son has temporarily moved home to Oklahoma. I'm viewing our time with him as a blessing--especially since he's helping me with household chores! Hubby works from home but typically travels quite a bit. Having him home more is also a blessing. Our daughter's job is seen as essential, so she's still going into work.

It's interesting that even though I stay home quite a bit, our habits have changed. We're cooking more and playing games and of course, reading. My daughter and I are exploring making our own audiobooks and I'm keeping to writing a daily word count.

I'd love to hear what you're doing to stay safe and busy. Feel free to connect with me on Facebook or Instagram! xoxo

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