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Jayne Ann Krentz

Catch up with The Lost Night Files! Pallas, Talia and Amelia were strangers until their fateful stay at the Lucent Springs Hotel brought them together. They lost a night of their lives to amnesia and when they woke up they were changed. Now they host the Lost Night Files podcast in a desperate effort to find others who went through a similar experience. In January 2024, Talia leaves for Night Island in the pacific northwest for an Unplugged Experience retreat that is laced with danger--and death in THE NIGHT ISLAND. Need to do some catching up with these friends? Pallas visits an abandoned asylum that she hopes holds some of the answers the friends are searching for, but the dark energy within the building sends her fleeing in SLEEP NO MORE (available now).

Lucy Monroe

Wishing you all the very happiest of holidays and much love in the New Year! In my new steamy contemporary romance audiobook, Carlo and Annette are hoping for a little holiday magic of their own. Brought back together by a crisis in their families, can the billionaire and the woman who left him standing at the altar find their own HEA? Find out in CINDERELLA'S JILTED BILLIONAIRE now out in audiobook on Amazon and Audible.

After Midnight Authors

Angelique Armae and Candace Sams have a new release!

(Bewitched Seasons 2)

2 short, magickal holiday romances from USA Today Bestselling authors, Angelique Armae and Candace Sams.

JINGLE SPELLS by Angelique Armae
A witch in time saves nine unless the magick of the season deems otherwise...

MAGIC THYME by Candace Sams
A magical Yule romance survives a single flake.

Available at all vendors.


Stacy Finz

"There is a distinct, awful pain that comes with loving someone more than they love you." -- Steve Maraboli

I LOVE YOU MORE, a thoughtful, intimate novel centered around a San Francisco family restaurant and two estranged sisters who are getting a chance to rediscover their bond in the face of personal upheaval, is available for pre-order now!

To an outsider, television morning anchor Tess Stone's life looks like glossy perfection. Ambitious, beautiful, and married to a major league baseball player, Tess seems invincible---until an on-air catastrophe puts both her marriage and career in jeopardy. Retreating home to San Francisco from New York to take stock seems like the best move. But that involves a challenge of its own: confronting her sister, Avery.

Unlike Tess, Avery has pushed her own dreams aside in favor of running the family restaurant, Stones, dutifully adhering to her father's unchanging menu of stick-to-your-ribs traditional fare. She has mixed feelings about her sister's return. After all, Avery's fiancé, Bennett, loved Tess first, and it's impossible to shake her jealousy and dread---especially as Tess begins stealing attention left and right once more.

But while both sisters have been immersed in their own lives, their parents have been keeping secrets of their own. And the curveballs keep coming---throwing into question all their relationships, the restaurant's future, and their long-held assumptions about love, family, and especially, each other

Susan Elizabeth Phillips

#1 New York Times bestselling author Susan Elizabeth Phillips returns with the next book in her Chicago Stars Series where a successful sports agent and the sister of his biggest client engage in a take-no-prisoners battle of the sexes. Join Susan February 13, 2024 in SIMPLY THE BEST!

Brett Rivers is the hottest sports agent in the business---fast and furious, swift and deadly. Failure? Not an option.

Rory Garrett is---let's be honest---a failure. She has a big heart, an empty bank account, a passion for making exquisite chocolate, and a huge inferiority complex from living in the shadow of Brett's most important client, her football legend brother.

Brett and Rory should never have met, and they absolutely, positively should never have had to deal with the consequences of one stupid, drunken disastrous career in missing football player...and a very dead body.

It's going to get messy...and dangerous...and heartbreaking...and sexy.

When it comes to love-- What price are any of us willing to pay to be simply the best?

Enjoy this sneak peek at Rory and Brett's first, disastrous encounter.

More SEP fun: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, monthly website contest, and Susan's newsletter.

Sandra Worth


Zoe, the duke's daughter, seems to have everything she could possibly want: royal birth, beauty, youth, a bright future and - at long last - Prince Constantine, whom she has loved since childhood. But Zoe is born into a dangerous time. An ambitious sultan dreams of ruling the world and marches west to conquer Rome. Prince Constantine, now Emperor of Rome, stands alone against the enemy, vastly outnumbered and deserted by those who should be allies. His only consolation is Zoe, who has become his inspiration and secretly his empress.

Zoe knows the compelling reason why their marriage must be kept secret, but the secrecy places her in an untenable position. Rejected by her mother at birth, and reviled as a whore by her peers, she feels an outcast among the nobility. Yet she must find strength in herself not only to endure what she must, but to give of her strength to Constantine.

Just as all seems lost, a princely hero famed for his military brilliance and valor dares bring them desperately needed help. With this great warrior to lead them, Rome wins every battle and soon stands on the verge of victory. If they can defeat the enemy one last time, they will save Rome.

But Justiniani, the man who can have any woman he wants, has fallen in love with Zoe, the secret empress of Rome, the only woman he cannot have. Now he must vanquish not just the enemy, but his own heart.

"No historical fiction novel has been successful in holding my attention as this story did."---Readers' Favorite

"Captivating... A stellar job. Worth's skillful blending of historical fiction and romance results in a highly memorable read."---The BookLife Prize

Robyn Carr

THE FRIENDSHIP CLUB by #1 New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr is coming January 23. Celebrity cooking show host Marni McGuire has married twice. Now in her mid-fifties, she's single. Happily so. She just needs to convince her pregnant daughter, Bella, of this fact. Similarly single, Marni's best friend and colleague is confident she's content without a man, but both older women soon find themselves leading by example as the young intern on their show appears caught in a toxic relationship---and Bella reveals her own marriage maybe isn't built to withstand the stresses of the baby on the way.

Suddenly, all four women find themselves at a crossroads, each navigating the challenges of dating, marriage, loneliness, and love. Thankfully, they have each other to lean on. The realities of modern love are far from easy, but there's no better group to have in your corner than friends who will lift you up, no matter what, and hold fast in the face of any storm. Pre-order your copy of THE FRIENDSHIP CLUB.

Looking to spend your holidays in Virgin River? BRING ME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS is now available in reissued paperback.

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