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An Interview With Stephanie Vance

Across the Aisle is my debut novel, which is why you don’t know much about me…yet. I thought I’d introduce myself through an imaginary interview. I’m a writer. We’re creative like that.

Interviewer: Stephanie, tell us about Across the Aisle.

Stephanie: It’s a classic enemies-to-lovers romance featuring Dallas McGrath, a female lobbyist working to succeed in a career dominated by men. She’s up against fellow lobbyist Grant Pierce, a handsome charmer who’s sure he’s just one flirt away from defeating Dallas in the lobbying game. Spoiler alert: he’s wrong.

Interviewer: Have you always been drawn to these kinds of protagonists?

Stephanie: Absolutely. My romantic comedy works tend to feature smart, feisty, often sarcastic heroines who absolutely devastate men who are used to having their own way. I also write speculative fiction and non-fiction. In fact, my non-fiction book The Influence Game was on the Washington Post bestseller list.

Interviewer: That’s quite an array of genres. Did you always want to be a writer?

Stephanie: I’ve always been both attracted to and terrified by the prospect of being a writer. It began in elementary school when my main career aspiration was to be a poet. Not surprisingly, I didn’t have many friends in elementary school, and got poetry out of my system pretty quickly. In middle school I decided instead to go into the equally lucrative field of flute performance and even went to college on a music scholarship. I planned to be first flute in the New York Philharmonic. That didn’t happen.

Interviewer: So, once you abandoned poetry and music, what lead you to your current career? You’re in the political world in DC, right?

Stephanie: After deciding not to major in music, I looked at the courses I’d taken in college and realized I’d always been drawn to political science. So, I wound up majoring in it and moved to DC about thirty years ago, planning to save the world.

Interviewer (laughing): How’s that going for you?

Stephanie (laughing): It could be better. That said, my work focuses on grassroots advocacy; my professional mission is to help everyday citizens connect with their government. In fact, my journey back to writing started with my desire to help people do just that.

Interviewer: It can’t have escaped your attention that people aren’t thrilled with politics these days–

Stephanie (laughing): –that’s putting it mildly.

Interviewer: So what do you have to say to readers who are skeptical about the prospect of a “bipartisan romance.”

Stephanie: Although it’s set in DC, Across the Aisle isn’t about politics. Like many enemies-to-lovers stories, it’s about two headstrong people who are more compatible than they’re willing to admit. Sure, Dallas and Grant disagree on a policy issue, but it could just as easily have been a business disagreement, a family-related argument, or even a dogs versus cats dispute.

Interviewer: Yep. Dogs versus cats is a big one. What’s your preference?

Stephanie: Dogs, definitely. My older brother was a beagle. Or, to clarify, until I was 5 years old I believed our beagle Arthur was related to me. This says a great deal about how dogs are treated in my family. Fun fact, I’m missing one of my upper canine teeth. I think that’s why I’m constantly in search of my inner dog.

Interviewer: Speaking of fun facts, let’s go into what I call a lightning round of “getting to know you” questions. First, what’s your favorite color?

Stephanie: I don’t have one. They all have their merits.

Interviewer: Superpower?

Stephanie: I’ve always been interested in telekinesis and believe it’s possible. I’ve seen my dog will me off the couch and to the biscuit jar every. single. night.

Interviewer: Any pet peeves?

Stephanie: Never, ever, refer to a Greek God by his or her Roman name. The Greeks were there first!

Interviewer: What’s your deepest, darkest secret?

Stephanie:  I don’t floss after every meal.

Interviewer (laughing): That’s pretty dark. So, to wrap up, what’s one thing you want our readers to know about Across the Aisle?

Stephanie (laughing): Where to buy it? No, I want readers to know that in Across the Aisle they’ll get a classic enemies-to-lovers story with a gorgeous guy, a smart, beautiful, and successful woman, and a whole lot of witty banter. And in true romantic comedy style, readers will eventually want to shake both protagonists and shout “open your eyes you idiot”! I know I did while writing it.

Stephanie Vance

Stephanie Vance

By day Stephanie Vance is a DC-based grassroots consultant known as the "Advocacy Guru" (a title she made up). She's written several non-fiction books on how to be an effective advocate. By night, though, she writes romance comedies set here in DC--like Across the Aisle. Believe it or not, romance is alive and well in our in the nation's capital. People from opposite sides of the political spectrum date all the time. The true trouble arises when cat people date dog people. That's when the sparks fly.

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  1. Aunt Cindy says:

    Ah Arthur. I remember him well. Your book reflects YOU, Stephanie, and I love it!

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