posted on May 10, 2016 by Jeanne Devlin

A Trio of New eBooks for May

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The days are getting longer, and that means more time spent poolside, outdoors, and at ball games.

And that means, it’s eBook season.

So while you charge up that tablet, here are a few new titles to add to your digital library just in time for summer reading.

1 - Stepping Over the LineFrom Random House’s Laura Marie Altom comes Stepping Over the Line, Book 4 in her Shamed novel series. As general counsel for a dot-com billionaire, Garrett Marsden has grown accustomed to being universally loathed. There’s just one small-town Southern doctor and single mother he can’t help but wish thought better of him: his stepsister, Savannah Boudreaux. Prison has left her stepbrother a bitter shadow of his former caring self; will Savannah dare to cross the line to save him from himself?

In a nod to one of the most beloved musicals of all time, Kensington’s Gail Chianese delivers Book 3 in her West Side Romance Series: Fiance for Keeps. ER doctor Denise Saunders and attorney Brody Nichols have between them one cancelled wedding, one weekend fling, and a whole lot of history. Yet when Denise decides to compete on a reality dating show, there’s only one person she trusts to review the contract: Mr. Nichols, himself, the man she left at the altar five long years ago. Her ex-fiancé does his best to talk her out of going on the show, but when she refuses to drop out, Brody takes matters into his own hands, leaving Denise uncertain as to whether she should feel Fiance for Keepspunk’d, peeved, or relieved.

Meanwhile, Harlequin’s Jennifer Hayward unveils Claiming the Royal Innocent, the next book in her Kingdoms & Crowns Series. When Aleksandra Dimitriou is revealed as the secret daughter of Akathinia’s former king, she’s quickly torn from her comfortable life into the pageantry of a royal world, under the protection of one Aristos Nicolades. Aristos has been warned that a “hands-off policy” has been decreed when it comes to the innocent princess, but his beautiful charge has awoken rebellious urges that the self-made Greek tycoon thought he had overcome long ago. As their desires rise, the rules begin to evaporate—and Aristos must accept that the one he should be protecting the princess from is no one other than himself.

Have you read a particularly good eBook late?  If so, please share the title with us!


—Jeanne Devlin

Jeanne Devlin

Jeanne Devlin

Jeanne Devlin is editor of The RoadRunner Press, an award-winning traditional publishing house based in the American West. An editor of newspapers, magazines, and books for more than thirty years, she has also worked on national marketing and publicity campaigns with such publishers as Simon and Schuster and St. Martin's and for a number of New York Times bestselling authors, including Robyn Carr, Sabrina Jeffries, Debbie Macomber, Linda Lael Miller, and Wendy Corsi Staub. A graduate of the Stanford University Publishing Course, Jeanne is a member of the Children's Book Council, the National Book Critics Circle, and the Oklahoma Center for the Book of the Library of Congress. She also consults with boutique publishers.

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  1. AvatarSandy Simonson says:

    Read Wolf Haven by Lindsay McKenna in ebook. I really enjoyed it

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