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A Montana Born Christmas – 99c Christmas Box Set & Gingersnap Recipe!

A Montana Born Christmas

by Dani Collins

Our boxed set of Christmas stories, A Montana Born Christmas, comes out October 20th. This has started me thinking about the holidays and that all important task: Christmas baking!

Over the years, I’ve learned to pace myself when it comes to Christmas baking. I bake it, I eat it. I know you know what I mean.

But gingersnaps must be baked for Christmas. For some reason, they only happen as Christmas approaches. I don’t know why I don’t make them in February. I think I’m the only person in the house who truly loves them. Oatmeal chocolate chip, or its fancy cousin, Cowboy Cookies, are the mainstay in the cookie jar for the rest of the year.

My kids adore decorating sugar cookies, of course. That also has to happen and I fully expect my daughter will come home special, even though she’s now twenty, and rope her seventeen-year-old brother into an afternoon of sprinkles and icing.

Sugar cookies are their thing, gingersnaps are mine. It is safe to say that I dedicated a number of years to finding the perfect gingersnap recipe and this one is pretty darned good. If you have a better one, I’d love to try it.


Cream together:
1 1/2 c white sugar
1 c butter or marg
2 eggs
1 c molasses
Sift together in a separate bowl:
1 Tbsp baking soda
2 tsp baking powder
1 Tbsp ground ginger
4 c flour
1 tsp ea: nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, all spice
Stir dry ingredients into wet (can use electric mixer)
Roll dough into balls 1 inch in diameter
Dip top into white sugar
Place on greased cookie sheet – Do Not Press
Bake at 350F for approx 12-15 mins
Tops crack when done
Cool on wire rack

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dani collins blame the mistletoeBLAME THE MISTLETOE
by Dani Collins

“The air smells good out here,” Liz told him, straightening away from the warmed sheepskin against his back, so she could properly drink in the pure Montana air. It was cold enough to make her nostrils sting, but she’d never encountered anything like this. No pollution. No dumpsters or dank storm sewers or even the humid tang of the ocean.

“I’ve heard people say before that they could smell snow and I always thought they were joking, but I can smell it. It’s sweet. And it’s so quiet.”

She spoke in a hushed voice, listening to the brush of the horse’s legs through the snow and the squeak of his hooves with each step. The air was still, the world silent to the point of reverence. The saunter of the horse rocked her gently, like a mama with a cradle, lulling her.

As they moved into the trees, a chilled pine scent closed around her. Drifts of snow slid from branches with almost musical notes and percussive thumps. Powder poofed in clouds that sparked with rainbow colors in the weak sunlight.

“The other reason I bring the horse,” Blake said, “is to drag the tree. They’re heavy.”

She let herself cuddle against him again, just because she liked it. “I’ve been using the same fake one for years. This is definitely better than digging a box out of the attic.”They wandered the grove of trees for a while, debating shapes, eyeing rabbit tracks and a deer path. All these years, Liz had thought the accouterments of Christmas a bit phony and clichéd, but today she saw the reality that inspired all of it. The holly tree with its bright red berries, the snow-frosted pine cones hanging like baubles. She could have stayed out here forever, drinking it in.

Christmas might come once a year, but this one—she realized like an epiphany—would never be here again. She had to savor every second and tuck the precious memories somewhere safe.

But the window of milder temperatures was short. Within the hour, clouds had gathered to hide the sun and a snap grew on the air. A few tiny flakes drifted around them.

“This one?” Blake said, circling the horse around a tree.

They agreed on its perfection and both dismounted. Liz stretched her legs while Blake chopped, axe ringing and releasing a pitchy, wood scent into the air.

“I’m warm,” he said as he wiped his brow and roped the tree.

Looking around the little clearing they occupied, she had a feeling both peaceful and awed, yet wistful and melancholy.

“You know how lucky you are to live here, don’t you? It’s genuinely a wonderland.”

“I do,” he said, taking a moment to gaze upward at the cathedral like treetops. “I hope I can keep it. Stay here forever. Might need a Christmas miracle, though,” he said with a wryness that wasn’t as light as it could be.

A few minutes later, he mounted Rocky and looked down at where she still stood on the ground.

She puzzled her brows. “No fence out here, partner. How do I get up there?”

“I’ve done this before you know.” He kicked his foot free of a stirrup and pointed at it. “Put your foot in there.”

“When you say you’ve done it before, do you mean you’ve brought other women out here?” she asked, not sure she liked that.

“I’ve doubled,” he clarified. “But yes, I’ve brought women out here to choose a tree. My mother and sister.”

“Okay then,” she said, sheepish under his amused grin, then making a face as he dragged her up from her high step into his stirrup. “Oof. That wasn’t nearly so graceful as from the fence,” she said after she’d gathered herself into position behind him.

But she was more comfortable up here now. She snuggled into him for warmth, not worried she’d take a tumble. She’d never felt so safe as she did with him.

“This has been fun. Thank you for bringing me. This is shaping up to be the best Christmas of my life,” she told him.

“Me, too.” His hand covered hers where she’d slid it under the fold of his coat into the heat against his stomach. “I talk a good game about not letting things worry me, but I’d be brooding if you weren’t here, keeping me thankful for what I’ve got.”

She inched a little closer to him, saying nothing. Just holding onto him and what they had. For now.

Dani Collins HeadshotAward winning author, Dani Collins writes Harlequin Presents, romantic comedy, medieval fantasy, erotic romance, and small-town rancher novellas for Tule’s Montana Born. Whatever the genre, Dani always delivers sexy alpha heroes, witty, spirited heroines, complex emotions and loads of passion.

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A MONTANA BORN CHRISTMAS can be purchased in eBook format for/from:

Dani Collins

Dani Collins

I grew up in Maple Ridge, a suburb of Vancouver, when it was still a small town. My father and both grandfathers switched up between logging and fishing so I grew into a quintessential BC girl: green, natural, and impervious to rain.

I started reading romance in high school. The first one I really remember featured a heroine researching her family tree in Scotland who meets a distant cousin (very distant!) and falls in love with him. I don’t remember much about the actual story, just the amazing setting, a heart-stopping kiss, and a happily ever after. I knew this was my kind of book and began consuming romances voraciously. Within a year or so, I wanted to write them for a living.

However, I thought becoming a writer was something you did when you were old. It was your second career. (Kinda turns out to be true in my case. Hashtag SpoilerAlert.) I still gave it a shot at twenty, taking up writing about the time I moved in with my high school sweetheart.

The key to writing, for those of you wondering, is to actually show up to the keyboard and make words land on a page. While I received my first rejection from Harlequin Presents when I was twenty-one, for the first decade or so, I was hit and miss at actually producing stories and sending them in. We traveled, got married, had kids… the usual distractions.

I also worked at various office jobs from a ski hill, to a real estate office, to a chiropractor’s office, to an air conditioning installer and some manufacturing facilities. None of these jobs was particularly glamorous and rarely a day went by when I didn’t imagine myself quitting to write full time.

When my husband took a job in the interior of BC, I thought my ship had come in. I was a stay-at-home writer for the first year, started writing for the local paper and concentrated on finishing manuscripts. When money got tight, I took a part-time job in yet another office. It turned into a fulltime job and I kept writing on the side, still hoping, dreaming, of someday writing full time.

I should mention that along the way, much like a gambling addict, I had just enough success to keep me going. I placed in several writing contests, most notably: HUSTLED TO THE ALTAR was a Golden Heart finalist and an American Title finalist. I also had an agent for a time. In 2008, I was notified that my story was a runner up in the Instant Seduction contest with Mills & Boon in London. I was convinced this was finally my big break.

Four. Years. Later…. And several (five or six) manuscripts later, they called to offer me a two-book contract. Did I quit my job? No. All those years of rejection had taught me not to count my chickens. So I wrote and worked and somehow managed to stay married despite the fact I didn’t really participate in family life or household chores. I’m surprised my kids didn’t sue me for neglect.

Almost a dozen books and two years later, I did quit my job. As of May 2014, I am a full-time writer and it is awesome. Click for my printable book list and you’ll see that I don’t have any problem with showing up at my desk and doing the work. I’ve even managed to pull a few of my old rejected manuscripts into the pile of paying titles. (Take heart from that, fellow rejected authors!)

And I was lucky enough to have one of my first books, PROOF OF THEIR SIN, nominated for a Reviewer’s Choice Award from Romantic Times Magazine. Having been a bridesmaid in so many contests, I was fairly convinced I’d remain honored to be nominated, but I won! Click here to see me with my daughter after I accepted the award.

What’s next? Well, I love, love, love writing for Harlequin Presents so expect as many of those out of me as they’ll take. I have some fun novellas with Tule Publishing’s Montana Born imprint and I have a few more of my rejected tomes I’d like to revise and publish. Honestly, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep this career going so I never have to work in any office except my own ever again.

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